Monday, July 12, 2004

wee post v1.0

Here's a novel idea, rather than bitch and moan about not having time for my novella-posts, I will just post quickies for awhile. Practice my restraint. Heh. As if.

Some cool things from last week:
I met Linda (of Potomac Soap Co.) via the Knitter's Review Forums. Another knitter in da neighborhood! We met up at Barnes & Noble and she showed me her very lovely Cloverleaf Sock and I showed her my Eyelet Cardi. She learned to knit when she was 10, but had put it down for awhile... When she went to pick it back up, she noticed all the great new patterns and really amazing new yarns that were available.

This worries me. Does this mean that all the cool patterns and cool yarns will wane just like the knitting fad? I talked to Lara about it, and she votes no, that all the blogs and amazing online resources will keep the cool sumptuousness at hand. What do you all think?

And here is a shot of the Trendsetter Dune that Kathy sent (in exchange for some AC Moore yarn):

It is really soft and sparkly, I think I will mix it with some Katia Mohair I have had in the stash for a bit. Tomorrow: Stash pics. And maybe a limerick.

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