Monday, July 05, 2004

Short-Attention Span to the rescue!

Today's fun fact: Unpopped popcorn kernels are called "Old Maids." (Heh.) And they can indeed be re-popped.

Here is my anecdote antidote to the summer knitting doldrums: Yarn Sales and FOs-on-demand™

First the Yarn Sale(s). Say it with me: I am not ashamed of my Stash Enhancements. I am a wool-gatherer and am proud of it.

Yes there have been some enhancements, and I haven't posted about them out of sheepishness (HAH me!). But I know that is ridiculous, so here goes.

From Elann. Three skeins of Outback Mohair in the Marengo color (which really looked much less... err.... pink on my monitor at "submit your order" time, but will make a nice gift).

The Mohair came with Anna Zilboorg's 45 Fine and Fanciful Hats to Knit. I couldn't help it, I am livin in D.C., so someone will get a Pentagon hat before I leave.

Yes. And then there is the most dreaded Herrschnerr's and their evil-evil Yarn Sale every week. Thankfully it is usually full of stuff that doesn't interest me... but last week... let's just say I turned off Yarn Sale notifications after this one. They had Jo Sharp's Desert Aran on sale! Remember how I bought the Desert Aran (and Soho Summer) BOOK?! I ask you, how could I pass it up (at a better rate than Elann's sale later this month, I might add)? Right, so a long-sleeve's worth in India and (one in) Putty. Oh, And also this tweedy stuff in Blue, I mean, I was already there and I wanted to save on shipping and and and... argh. No pictures, as it is en route.

Since I was on a roll, I also snagged Montse Stanley's fabulous book on how to do everything knitterly.

Lastly (oh, you knew there had to be a lastly, didn't you?) there was, in town, a Mostly Going Out of Business Sale. It both saddens my knitter's heart, and gladdens my stash-junkie's soul to hear such words. Luckily for all involved, Ira of Handwoven by Ira is not going out of business, just out of storefront (his beautiful scarves, throws, and scarf- and throw-making stuff will still be available online). 'Meantime he is selling down his stock. Mostly lovely weaverly things (of which I snagged a coupla super secret pressies for someone who occasionally reads the blog) plus a couple dozens of sweaters-worth of knitter's wool and wool blends by Harrisville.

I got five little skeins of "Shetland-style fine 2-ply" to try out a hat or what might pass for one (see Zilboorg, above) and I showed remarkable restraint in only grabbing four skeins of the very neat Orchid line.

It is a 25% Mohair, 5% silk, and 70% Wool blend that is fairly soft and nubby all at once. The wool almost seems unspun it is so "bushy" in the hand, and the silk takes the dye much more faintly than the wool giving it a tweedy-look. I am so ready for fall already with the tweeds and the wool!

Anyway, I couldn't stand just looking at the Orchid, so I whipped these up on Sunday (finished the thumbs today). They are pointy, but so are my fingers.

... I'm sure I had headier stuff to blab about, but thankfully I have forgotten it for now. I hope everyone who planned one, had a beautiful Fourth.

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