Friday, July 02, 2004

"but what about the knitting?"

First, if you have not glanced at the last two days worth of comments then dig in. There are really great Beginnings in there from Jessie, Ann, Jen, and La. Thank you guys for letting me in on your "starts." I will continue my thoughts on the subject in another post. This one is all whine and no cheese.

Knitting. Right. Well, yes. I have been doing some.

I just don't know how some of the women (whose blogs I read) do it. I mean... I do not have seven homeschooled children, no dogs, no cats, and not even a goldfish. I only have one plant to water, and its one of those bamboo things that only needs to be filled with water once a week or so. And yet, the knitting creeps by more slowly than a New York City bus.

I do have a job that tires me. (Does anyone out there remember The Breakfast Club line for line like me? Cause that sentence makes me think: "Get this, Allison's home life is unsatisfying." I mean, who has a job that is all giggles all the time?) But tire me it does.

So first go the blog posts, then the housework, then the correspondence, then the knitting... then what? Sadly, the knitting is already taking the hit (the stash enhancement, though, still continues thanks to the stupid Internet).

TANGENT: (Before I whine on, go look at Michelle's most cute and comforting-looking Bear. Go, I'll wait. Cute, huh? Doncha wanna make one? I know I do.)

Where was I? Oh right. So not getting to the knitting would be a drag on its own. But add to that my blog-surfing-inspired unreasonable pile of I-wannas, and my guilt-induced race to finish things WAY faster than I actually knit so I can post funny and lovely things about them daily, and it becomes an UBERdrag. Anyone else get this, or is it just me?

In any case, it is a work in progress of its own, this Not Getting Hung Up on Feeding the Blog. So, I apologize in advance, but you may hear more about it. Until I figure it All Out (what a post THAT would be, eh?), here's a pic of the progress on the Eyelet Cardi and a glimpse of the last (whew!) Critter Knit.

I have swatched and started the ribbing for a little sweater for Nephew #2, but I may just let it lie until the wavy scarf or Eyelet Cardi is further along.

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