Monday, June 07, 2004

Hello, my name is Chelsea...

...and I am addicted to novelty garter-stitch scarves. I didn't think it could happen to me. I mean, I went to A.C. Moore for some cotton-y something to make a quick thank you gift for a friend in Texas.

I mean, I had to... How many things can you knit for a woman in Texas in June??? Well, I figured I would try just one, long, skinny, garter-stitch scarf in the very slinky and coolly casual Twist by Katia. But then there was this stuff called something like Byzantum... I didn't even really look at the label, just tossed it in the basket. And then this end-cap display... railroad ribbon, elastic-y shiny tape, all color coordinated. I already had the Byzanthius or whatever, so I figured two more wouldn't hurt. I, I didn't even realize what I was doing! I must have blacked out right before buying the ten inch US15s... I was really glad when I came to and didn't see traces of anything eyelash-y around, at least none that I could find.

Anyway. I finished two over the weekend and have one more (the last one, I swear... well, except for maybe ONE other) on the needles. Turns out easy garter-stitch scarves are the perfect cure for knitting ennui. I made a nice gift, a rather dreamy winter wooly (probably for me), and have a very "classy" one on the way. (The last one will be a perfect gift for one of the "if it isn't a knock-off of something one could get at Bergdorf's, then I am not interested" family members of mine.)

My image server is on the move again, and I am not sure when I will get pictures up, but I will.

There is still half of one sleeve to finish on Salt Peanuts. It really OUGHT to be done by now, but I just couldn't bring myself to it.

The weather was rainy and cool (!) for the National Race for the Cure. I am going to refrain from unleashing the long-ass diatribe I would like to make on the base greed of people. I will say briefly that I was there volunteering with my coworkers to hand out Sniffs tissues... along with several other companies who were there handing out other freebies (Flip-flops, Soymilk smoothies, bandanas, etc. ) and the lengths people will go to to get a freakin packet of TEN tissues! I mean, stealing? Sure. Lying? Yep. Like doing their "time" by walking 3.1 miles entitles them to plenty of "loot."

Did I mention that the weather was cool? It was! In JUNE! Sure, it means more mosquitoes later, but there was a BREEZE. And, there still is today! If this means that in September there might be breezes (I am not crazy, I hold no illusions about July and August) then the summer might not be so bad. I mean, even if it just "summer" length... instead of "most of the year" length... Then I can try not to bitchandmoan too much about the hot and sticky and buggy.

THANK YOU to Jen, Lara, and Ann for their kind support and tips for dealing with the heat. Jen, whenever I am next goin' to California - I will be lookin' to you and La to show me around the LYSes. Lara, you can come sit in my free air conditioning anytime (but not until I finish unpacking alla boxes). And Ann, I will get to a beach ASAP... thanks for the reminder.

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