Friday, May 14, 2004

WIP it, WIP it good

Here is a picture of the ever-growing pile of WIPs. (This does not include the two UFOs I have rolling around... I suppose I should be glad there are only two?)

I have just gotten through a couple of 10+ hour work days. This is a new job for me and has so far been Ultra-Cush. So I am beat.

Plus, I am becoming weak and crabby from trying to stifle my startitis. I have a lace shawl kit IN THE MAIL. And, I have the following projects "in the wings" all clamoring and murmuring to be first, next, NOW:
  • Blue Sweater for Nephew #2

  • Butterscotchy Boogie vest for me

  • Gray kimono wrap for niece/nephew #3 (due in August)

  • Blue/Teal scarf in my dreamy Tess yarn (I don't even KNOW who this one would be for, that is so sad.)

  • Blue/Green BU bucket for nephew #2

  • Gray and blue/green felted bag for me

  • Desert laceweight colorway scarf/shawl for mom

And that is just off the top of my head! [sigh] How do you heal the want-that-is startitis? (Please don't say "I start stuff," because I need tough love, not enabling, on this one.)

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