Monday, May 03, 2004

A Quick Note on the 'Fest

I spotted a blogger! The lovely Ann of PurlingSwine... I spotted her Swine bag right before seeing her, just as I walked in the gate!

I have some pics from the fest that need to be developed, and some thoughts on my class with Anna Zilboorg that also need developing before I blog again.

Looking around blogland, it seems there were tons of bloggers I missed by a mere hank... that makes me a little sad. But there's always Stitches East and the NJ Sheep and Fiber Festival, and even ... MD next year.

On Sunday, I got a good bit of the Salt Peanuts Left Front done, and am a few more inches along on the Eyelet Cardi. I will have to do a few scarves and purses after this before I tackle my next big project. I am starting to feel the sweater ennui.

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