Friday, April 02, 2004

next in line

ok. I decided I want to do Salt Peanuts in my beautiful periwinkle fleece. I know it is supposed to be made with that wild Muench Bergamo tape, but I just can't spend that much on a sweater yet. I gotta save my pennies for the MS&W fest!! Plus, I have heard mixed reviews about the knitting feel of the yarn, and I really love this purple for spring.

I am going to try to talk jen or la into joining me. Just a wee knitalong, mind you. I don't need too much pressure right now!

The swatch buster sleeves are about half way done (doing both at the same time to fend off boredom. Pics to follow.

Also got some great cotton on deck for some cardis. Some Apple Green Bernat and some Burnt Orange Endless Summer Sonata. (Thank you crafty crafty Liz! for the Endless Summer tip, I LOVE the feel of this cotton, even though the gauge is kinda freakin me out right now.)

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