Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Slowly but surely

If knitting wasn't so fun, I would be a lot farther in the creation of this blog...

I finished the fingerless gloves. I did *not* make it to Sparky's, but hopefully this weekend. There was an article about SnBs in the Post today, and about a zillion people joined the Arlington SnB. If I am serious about getting out of my nearly agoraphobic slump, that would be a fabulous opportunity to not feel like the "only newbie."

I started A's black and yellow scarf and a beautiful crocheted hex pattern afghan. As soon as the acursed chenille scarf is done I will start on his sweater (the Wool-Ease Chunky in Charcoal finally came in).

The black and yellow scarf is using the Red Heart Grande so it will go fast and be washable. A is not at all interested in cool heirloom churra wool or anything.

Obviously still don't have those pictures up. The DSL is on its way, then maybe I can be more productive.

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