Saturday, March 27, 2004

Hello, My Name Is... (a.k.a. the link-iest post ever)

I was talking to Ann, about the Sheep and Wool Festival in May, and we were wondering how many other knitbloggers were going to be there.

I just know I will start surfing on the Monday after the festival and everyone's blogs will be raving: "The festival was SO great, and I found all this GREAT loot, and saw all these WONDERFUL exhibits..." and I will wonder how many times I walked past that knitter without acknowledging that we are virtual neighbors?

So here's an idea: Make a real button of your blog button! That way we can find eachother. If you are not high-tech enough to have a cool button maker, then just print out your button and tape it over a "Hi, My Name is..." sticker. Or print it out on this cool transfer paper and make a T-shirt out of it, or put it on your tote bag (You are all bringing tote bags right? For the loot??)... anyway, I know we are all crafty chicas and hombres. I am sure we can all think of something.

I hope to see some of you there. If you want to meet up for a chat or just to share the excitement of new yarn and patterns and ideas, gimme a holler.

In other news, I got a cheap lil digi camera! So now I can start building those galleries >>>

In the meantime, check out this beautiful yarn that will be a beaded cardigan (from FCEK Summer 04, prj #1). It is peace fleece, Mir-Atlantis periwinkle, and I already love it.

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