Sunday, March 28, 2004

Gallery Opening and Progress To Report

I finally have a gallery up! It is finished objects for 2003, and you can see it in the sidebar over there >>>

Also, finished the back of the Stash Buster:

Detail of yoke stitches
(The top section looks like a crummy stockinette stitch, but it is seed.)

...and am now working on finishing the front. I am so keyed up to bind off the shoulders, that I may miss the SnB in favor of, of all things... knitting. (It is about an hour-long subway trip there and back, and while I can and have knitted on the Metro, this is too tricky of a stage for traveling.) I am trying to hold all of the neckline stitches on a spare circular needle (instead of binding off) as was recommended by a knitter on the Knitter's Review boards—I am sorry, I don't remember her name, but Thank You!—which is making for a cumbersome mess, but it will hopefully save me the trauma of picking all the stitches back up later.

This alone wouldn't prevent me from going, I have other WIPs to take, but I told myself I couldn't knit a swatch with the beautiful periwinkle until the SB body was done. And I really want to swatch it.

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