Thursday, May 19, 2011

The crafting never stops

Just because I'm a lousy knit-blogger these days, doesn't mean I'm not still knitting and such.

Lately, it seems I'm only capable of knitting in a sagey medium green range. It's a good color for
me but the next sweater will be blue or purple.

DONE: (Fried Green) Tomato
Stats will have to come later, but it's made from Manos cotton.

WIP: Cassandra crocheted shawl
I'm using one skein of STR and one skein from a long past MDSW (will I ever get back to one? Will I get to hang with Lara, Carrie, AM, and Jenna EVER?! AGAIN?!)

All the good stuff's happening over at the Enchilada these days, but haven't forgotten this place and I haven't forgotten my readers, both of you: ¡Besos!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finished Object: Summery shell by Jo Sharp

Wow. Only, what like... 5 years since this yarn and pattern went into the stash? Here she is, complete, and in the wild!

Forgive the terrible work pics, it was too dark in my place last night.

Pattern: Jo Sharp Chaise from Holiday Island. (Ravelry)
Yarn: Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK cotton in sage green, 6
Size: to fit 37" bust
Needles: US 6s & 4s
Mods: None

What I loved
Very little. This was sort of a labor of want from start to finish. While I look terrible in vests, I like how I look in tanks. My Jems and the cabled shell from years ago are way too big any more and I finally had a bust size that would fit into the largest size (clearly written with more positive ease than I need) so I wanted to make it. The cotton is tiring, the pattern is excruciatingly boring. But I do like the finished object. The finishing technique on the keyhole and armscyes seems to be sturdy enough that they won't sag, so I've mentally filed it away for later.


What I would do differently
She only gives a single stitch count for picking up stitches on the neckline and armscyes for all sizes. There were not enough stitches, so I feel like the neck ruffle isn't quite ruffly enough (though it sags in the back). I added stitches to keep the arms from puckering. It's a bit short, but as I am into layering, this is ok. I will also lose 10 pounds before any more pictures are taken of me. Thanks, summer for being too hot to run in. Over all, I am pleased.


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

one Versatile Little Accessory

I have a small group of test knitters working out the kinks in this one, and it should be available soon.

Here is version one:

VLA shorter sleeves

The sleeves are shorter, as is the waist ribbing and the neck edging is one row narrower, giving a "saucy" silhouette.

Version two:

VLA longer sleeve wip2

Longer sleeves, and deeper ribbing all around makes this one more "office friendly." (Also, I will be cleaning that mirror very soon.)

The VLA (which also stands for "Very Large Array"--the radio telescope that she's named after) is knit at a gauge of 3.5 stitches / inch. The first size medium was knit with three hanks of Colinette Skye, and the second, 6 balls of Rowan Kid Classic (held double). The pattern sizing will be XS - 2X. She's a top-down, try as you go, no-seaming number. Uses one or two cute buttons.

Let me know what you think!

In other news I finished my astronomy class, so the bus knitting has been renewed in earnest. Sock number one is almost done, and number two is done past the heel:

Bus sock

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

coffeeshop knitting, and pattern writing is hard

I just sent out a draft of the VLA to my test knitters. It took me all day to do all of the maths fifteen times to get it to work out. My fingers are crossed that my friends don't have too much trouble. I am still planning a little photo shoot, at which point I will post some teaser pics and start the pattern in Rav. Is it ridiculous that I am getting excited to have a pattern up there for sale?

In other news, I am SO close on the Jo Sharp. I really want it off the needles already, there are many other things clamoring to get on them!

Knit noir: the Jo Sharp tank is almost there!

Only about 2 inches of back to go, plus the ruffled neckline... This was taken at my Monday night knit in. It's at this excellent coffeeshop near my house. Sadly, there are still not any other knitters. On Monday nights, I really miss Austin.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

On being a writer and some knitting, too

I'm doing a 365 project over on Transatlantic Enchilada, and so will be spending most of my time there, I imagine. But I am still knitting and working on my newest patterns. This one will hopefully be up for sale at Ravelry in the next month. Here's a hint:

I have four test knitters so far, and will hopefully have a draft to them by next week.

The sedimentary scarf is also progressing nicely. The Jo Sharp shell is stalled, but should get some love this weekend.