Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Newest Byline and a soon to be neckline...

I have a piece up on McSweeney's!

An Objective Look at My 7 Grad School Rejections

In other news, I am starting the process for this year's apps.

Knitwise I am rounding the bend on my Jo Sharp summer tank. I have a few inches of back and a ruffly neckline left.

Soho summer tank

I was first inspired to knit this when I saw a floor sample at Knit Happens in Arlington, VA. It has only been a few years, but it feels like decades ago. My life was so different back then. And I miss hanging out with Rossana, Holly, and Erika...

The pattern is Chaise from Jo Sharp's Holiday Island collection. I'm using her Soho Summer dk cotton in a sagey green that everyone always says makes my eyes look great. Who doesn't love to hear such things?

I was nearly done with the thing last summer when I found that the back shoulders did not in fact meet up with the fronts. One side was taller than the other. Turns out I had thrown in an extra short row half way down. Into the corner the whole thing went to wait out the winter and learn better behavior. I'm sort of rushing the ending because I really really want to make a Cece next.


LD said...

wow! congrats on the mcsweeney's pub! that's pretty exciting, and the piece was hilarious, to boot.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see it done. I miss hanging out with you, too!!

Maya said...

Congrats on the McSweeny's piece--it's awesome! Jean jacket club... I think I had a similar experience. hahaha!!

Jeff Questad said...

Super super extra cheese bravo, again, on the McSweeney's piece.

I am a huge fan of McSweeney's and of Chelsea Biondolillo. The two together... much happiness.