Friday, August 13, 2010

How badly do you want it?

That's this week's mantra as I struggle with time management issues.

I have some knitting and some pattern writing that I am pretty fired up to finish (anyone wanna test knit a boobalicious shrug? 16x22 gauge?), some essay writing that needs to be writ, the dread Statement of Purpose to draft, and a short story competition to get embroiled in. Add to that wanting to make up for my lack of running on account of EXTREME HEAT in the never ending oven that is the Phoenix summer and lack of yoga on account of brokeness, and I am feeling like there is too much to do in my little non-work time.

The answer is getting up earlier than I do. I mean, not the answer to all of it, but that's where I can find at least one extra hour each day. So, how badly do I want these things? Badly enough to drag my dream lovin' lazy ass out of bed extra early each day, or not quite that much?

I'll let you know next week.

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Janey said...

My sympathies for your heat. We have just switched over to "thin sunshine" during the day, which cools off quite noticeably when the sun goes down. In other words, autumn has arrived.

About your request for a test knitter ... I would like to. But is it for the "top down shrug (approx 375-500yds, heavy worsted gauge)", which you mentioned a while ago?

As for the 16x22 gauge ...
I am good to get stitch gauge. But am not sure about my row gauge - I cannot remember ever counting rows to ascertain my row gauge.
But I must have - having knit sweaters, caps, socks, and scarves for pay from a vendor at the Farmer's Market in Halifax. And a couple of pairs of mittens.