Tuesday, August 24, 2010

coffeeshop knitting, and pattern writing is hard

I just sent out a draft of the VLA to my test knitters. It took me all day to do all of the maths fifteen times to get it to work out. My fingers are crossed that my friends don't have too much trouble. I am still planning a little photo shoot, at which point I will post some teaser pics and start the pattern in Rav. Is it ridiculous that I am getting excited to have a pattern up there for sale?

In other news, I am SO close on the Jo Sharp. I really want it off the needles already, there are many other things clamoring to get on them!

Knit noir: the Jo Sharp tank is almost there!

Only about 2 inches of back to go, plus the ruffled neckline... This was taken at my Monday night knit in. It's at this excellent coffeeshop near my house. Sadly, there are still not any other knitters. On Monday nights, I really miss Austin.

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