Tuesday, August 24, 2010

coffeeshop knitting, and pattern writing is hard

I just sent out a draft of the VLA to my test knitters. It took me all day to do all of the maths fifteen times to get it to work out. My fingers are crossed that my friends don't have too much trouble. I am still planning a little photo shoot, at which point I will post some teaser pics and start the pattern in Rav. Is it ridiculous that I am getting excited to have a pattern up there for sale?

In other news, I am SO close on the Jo Sharp. I really want it off the needles already, there are many other things clamoring to get on them!

Knit noir: the Jo Sharp tank is almost there!

Only about 2 inches of back to go, plus the ruffled neckline... This was taken at my Monday night knit in. It's at this excellent coffeeshop near my house. Sadly, there are still not any other knitters. On Monday nights, I really miss Austin.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

On being a writer and some knitting, too

I'm doing a 365 project over on Transatlantic Enchilada, and so will be spending most of my time there, I imagine. But I am still knitting and working on my newest patterns. This one will hopefully be up for sale at Ravelry in the next month. Here's a hint:

I have four test knitters so far, and will hopefully have a draft to them by next week.

The sedimentary scarf is also progressing nicely. The Jo Sharp shell is stalled, but should get some love this weekend.

Friday, August 13, 2010

How badly do you want it?

That's this week's mantra as I struggle with time management issues.

I have some knitting and some pattern writing that I am pretty fired up to finish (anyone wanna test knit a boobalicious shrug? 16x22 gauge?), some essay writing that needs to be writ, the dread Statement of Purpose to draft, and a short story competition to get embroiled in. Add to that wanting to make up for my lack of running on account of EXTREME HEAT in the never ending oven that is the Phoenix summer and lack of yoga on account of brokeness, and I am feeling like there is too much to do in my little non-work time.

The answer is getting up earlier than I do. I mean, not the answer to all of it, but that's where I can find at least one extra hour each day. So, how badly do I want these things? Badly enough to drag my dream lovin' lazy ass out of bed extra early each day, or not quite that much?

I'll let you know next week.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Newest Byline and a soon to be neckline...

I have a piece up on McSweeney's!

An Objective Look at My 7 Grad School Rejections

In other news, I am starting the process for this year's apps.

Knitwise I am rounding the bend on my Jo Sharp summer tank. I have a few inches of back and a ruffly neckline left.

Soho summer tank

I was first inspired to knit this when I saw a floor sample at Knit Happens in Arlington, VA. It has only been a few years, but it feels like decades ago. My life was so different back then. And I miss hanging out with Rossana, Holly, and Erika...

The pattern is Chaise from Jo Sharp's Holiday Island collection. I'm using her Soho Summer dk cotton in a sagey green that everyone always says makes my eyes look great. Who doesn't love to hear such things?

I was nearly done with the thing last summer when I found that the back shoulders did not in fact meet up with the fronts. One side was taller than the other. Turns out I had thrown in an extra short row half way down. Into the corner the whole thing went to wait out the winter and learn better behavior. I'm sort of rushing the ending because I really really want to make a Cece next.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Roadtrip knitting

First, some housekeeping: I have had to turn on comment moderation after a bunch of crazy non-English comments. Sorry, y'all. Hopefully after awhile I will be off their radar and can turn it back off.

I just got back from a 5 day roadtrip with JFC. We made a big AZ-NM loop and hit a couple of hotsprings and a couple of astronomy-related sites along the way (I am taking astronomy this semester--because I am insane).

En route, I finished two knitting projects and today, I started one with some souvenir yarn. I know I haven't covered much knitting lately--surely why I am down to only two readers--but maybe this is a sign of more knitting to come!

The first project I finished is a secret, as it is a pattern I made up that I hope to put up for sale on Ravelry in the next few weeks. If you are interested in test knitting a top down shrug (approx 375-500yds, heavy worsted gauge) let me know. Otherwise, stay tuned.

The second project I finished was Summer Flies shawlette by Holly and Ella Knits. The little shawl/scarf got blocked last night, and here she is reclining by the pool:

Summer flies -STR sandstone

I used Socks That Rock in Sandstone (which was chosen partly because of how well it would coordinate with my trip through the desert). It was a pretty quick knit (two days of riding), though the last 7 rows plus the picot bind off were a tiny bit demoralizing. They were worth it for the cute lil ruffle they made.

Here's the shawlette view:

Summer flies -shawlette

And the way more likely way I will be wearing it view:

Summer flies - scarf

While in Santa Fe, I stopped at the very first yarn shop I ever frequented, The Needle's Eye. My friend Sarah Rae (who helped me figure out my knitting how-to book) and I used to refer to the proprietress and her staff as the "Mean Knitting Ladies," and I was always afraid to go in alone. They were the usual surly types that one finds (or presumes to find) in such little shops. But I am pleased to report that the woman working when I went in last week was very kind, helpful, and accommodating. Was this because I told her I first visited not even knowing how to knit and now I was a designer in two of the books on her shelves? Maybe. Maybe the economy or the years have just soften the folks in Santa Fe.

I wanted to find cotton/elastic sock yarn but they were almost completely sock-yarm-less. Instead, I picked up this unusual looking stuff that was in the sandstone/desert palette that I'd been traveling.

Filatura Fancy Tempo (3 x 114 yds)

It is a cotton/poly blend that is spun with multicolored fluffs of different fibers--almost like a cottony version of that yarn from sari silk, in a finer gauge. As I have started to knit it up (no give to speak of, but lovely drape) it's showing some really nice subtle striping.

Sedimentary scarf in progress

The pattern is a repeat of yarn overs mixed with garter and stockinette. I wanted to show off the variegation in the fiber and play to its drape. I got three balls, if the scarf can be finished in two, I may try to pull off a floppy beanie with the last ball. I'll post the scarf pattern here once it's complete.

I have been slacking on my Amazon links, so here are some inspired by or experienced on, the trip: