Tuesday, April 13, 2010

some days are just title free

I have been doing a bit more cooking in the last week or so. I made a great pasta salad, and cooked dinner for JFC last night (salmon and spinach and couscous, oh my!) and it really makes me want my own space.

But, I am not sure I can afford to take a class at ASU in the fall and move out on my own.

Already, I am stressing out about applications for next year. There is only one professor that I feel comfortable asking for a second time. And every source says there should definitely be two college professors in one's recommendation stack. Last year I asked a woman who didn't know me that well as a result. I can't believe that it's not more important for it to be people familiar with my work and communication habits... How can I get professors to vouch for me if I can't afford to go to school?

If I stay at my parents for much longer, it might just strain too many relationships too much. But, then am I risking another year of rejection if I don't get into a good class at ASU?

Some writing work has been happening. I managed to talk my employer into letting me blog for part of one shift each week. You can read me here: Whole Foods Market: Scottsdale store blog. The other one is still going to stay under wraps until it feels a bit less jinxable.

Also, knitting! Actual knitting has occurred. I am nearly done with the knitting on my vine yoke cardigan. It just might be the ugliest sweater ever* but we'll see!

*My version, I mean. Ysolda's is lovely!

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