Thursday, April 15, 2010

An exercise from a book about break ups

I miss my old job. I miss being able to work a schedule of my choosing, and being able to define how my time is spent. I miss working so close to my house. I miss traveling and being able to afford yoga or running group. I miss having some time to do the things I love.

I do not miss my old job. I am glad I don't have to sit through three hours of teleconferences everyday. I don't miss the culture of CYA that pervades IT departments. I do not miss working for hypocrites and feeling stuck in a job that gives me no personal satisfaction. I don't miss being so wiped out from a week of work that I only have the mental energy to get drunk and sleep in by the time the weekend rolls around.

It is important to try to remember the whole truth.

In knitting news, I am almost done with the knitting on my maybe ugly sweater! Only 50 rows to go.

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