Friday, April 02, 2010

Briefest of reviews

Saw the movie Tapped tonight. I had mixed opinions. There are four main arguments used by the filmaker to demonize bottled water:
  1. Huge corporations are stealing water from small towns
  2. The idea that it's "better" than tap water is all marketing
  3. There are toxic chemicals involved in plastic bottle production
  4. The abundance of all the plastic bottles is having an environmental impact

The first argument was pretty sensationalized, for someone complaining about spin.

The second argument used fuzzy logic and marginalized very real issues around the safety of tap water.

We were the most freaked out and creeped out by the third argument. Bisphenol-A is the new DDT.

The close was a bit anticlimactic, though the science felt much closer to being objective.

All in all, a good flick with a nice indie-style soundtrack and mostly tight and polished production.

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