Friday, January 15, 2010

A Hoodie for All Seasons

Ok, maybe not all seasons, but at least three of them. Here is the run-down on my sweet tweed hooded cardigan that I finished in early Fall. I have worn it quite a bit since then and am still in love.

New hoodie!

The sweater on Ravelry

Pattern: Basic Chic Hoodie by Bonne Marie Burns
Fiber: This crazy stuff called Four Seasons that I found online ages ago and haven't ever found since. It is a wool, angora, and nylon blend; it is dark chocolate brown with orange and tan tweed specks.
Modifications: The only real mod I made was on the hood. It was supposed to come to a point, but that's a little too elven for me. I did a simple tuck and hem at the point and it worked great.

Hoodie - hood detail

What I loved the least about this pattern: I love the speed and lack of seaming that a raglan affords, but the hood took about FOREVER. It seems so small in my mind's eye, but took as much time and yarn as a sleeve. The ribbing around the hood might be about two or three stitches to wide, and it tends to want to curl in, but otherwise no complaints.

Hoodie - button & raglan detail

What I loved the most about this pattern: Everything! Bonne Marie sure can write an easy-to-follow pattern! Lovelovelove the little knit-in pockets and I was stoked to find perfectly shaded buttons to match the tweed. I wear this sweater a lot.

New hoodie in the wild

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