Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day four

I feel great.
Started the day with blueberry and pecan pancakes. Without eggs or milk they are very different than other pancakes...

No fork needed!

Crispy! And with peanut butter, they are also pretty decadent.

Last night I wanted meat. It's totally just my crazy pants, since I haven't been meatless long enough to physically crave it. But I am the queen of gratification, preferably immediate... It only takes putting something on the no-no list for me to want it.

So, I made a "chicken" seitan stirfry and tried to sate my craving with two desserts, one before dinner (fantastically rich rice dream sandwich dipped in chocolate) and one after (lemon sorbet with warmed blackberries and their juice). All that sugar is surely not ideal for my weightloss goals, but mentally it helped.

In fibery news, I felted down a gap XL sweater from way back. It's now about a medium and fits great!

I will be trying out the Vine Yoke cardigan with my Austin girls starting on Feb 4th. There were many, many suggestions and tips on Ravelry. So glad I checked! But first, I need to hustle on the hat and some arm warmers for an old friend!

In writery news, I am scrambling to finish an essay by Sunday for a writing contest. My vegan notes will be much sparser for the rest of the week...

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