Tuesday, January 13, 2009

May I present... CORALINE

How I love this sweater. I would sleep in it, were it at all feasible.


Yarn: Elann's Quecha Alpaca / Tencel blend
Pattern: Ysolde Teague's Coraline
Ravelry link: Carmine Coraline

Coraline yoke detail

For once I didn't change anything. I was too nervous about all the little details: i-cord, knit-on-hem, that smocking! After talking it over with a friend of mine, all I did change my preconceptions...

First, because I (cough cough) didn't wash my swatch, I relied on her experience to know that the Quecha doesn't grow as much as 100% Alpaca. So I lengthened the sleeves and body a bit from my original plan. And I am so glad I did! For once, I think I got both lengths just right for me.

She had also warned me about the neck being too tight after the short-row shaping. This is likely an issue in the smaller sizes only. I completed all of the short-rows and don't feel like I am being choked when I button all the buttons.

What I loved most about this project
Pretty much the finished product! I mean, size 4s was No Fun, and that smocking stitch? Forget it! I could not speed that thing up for anything! Luckily the real fiddly row is only every 6 rows in the yoke.

I love how the alpaca drapes, I love the clean look of the hem and the way the I-cord finished off all of the edges so neatly. I love the cute lil sewn on button loops. And even though I am going to have to rethink my love of yoked sweaters, because I have decent shoulders and I think they get lost in this shape, I love that cool-ass honeycombed yoke texture.


What I would do differently next time
Oh man. Such a conundrum! How boring is endless stockinette on size 4 needles? Did I mention, they were size four? But I love the finished sweater to pieces. TO PIECES. I am working on a chunkier knit right now, to see if I like bulky still. Fingers crossed that I do, cause it is going So. Much. Faster.

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