Saturday, August 09, 2008

Spotlight on WIPs: three from Maryland

The next three WIPs were all started in the salon of my favorite LYS in the DC metro.


Here are two of my favorite Woolwinder people: Jacqui and Karina
[photo by: Kim Werker. I hope she doesn't mind me using it]

The first WIP was started AGES ago when Woolwinders was having a sale. I bought all of the Winter White Polar that Jacqui had left. I envisioned maybe a soft, fluffy cardigan or something. But then, I moved to Texas.

So much of my knitting strategy and long term plans had to be reconsidered when I did that. Now, I have been daydreaming about Brooklyn... Maybe I will get to use all that wool someday after all.

After living here for a bit, I decided that I still wanted to do something warm and comforting with the yarn, and fell in love with the Blizzard pattern (Ravelry link) from Scarf Style by Pam Allen.

WIP: blizzard wrap

Since it IS Texas, I haven't really put a rush on this thing, but it would be nice to check it off the list.

The next two projects were started on the same business trip to the DC area. I went into Woolwinders thinking I wasn't going to get anything, and walked out with enough yarn for a cotton t-shirt and a cotton/silk blend lace vest.

The vest is a White Lies design: The Secret Garden. I fell in love with two different yarns, the Ella Rae Shibu and RYC Silk Aran... I bought all Jacqui had of each and crossed my fingers.

WIP: secret garden vest
I love the stripes and will be adding a hook and eye closure to the front. I don't trust buttons with this feather and fan style lace.

The T-shirt is the o-so-easy Tropical Tee from Oat Couture in Cascade Sierra. I bought this yarn because the raspberry/wine color made my mouth water.

This thing is so easy, its mind-numbing. I just want it finished in time to possibly wear during the summer. I am really hoping that it doesn't turn out way too big... I am afraid to look at the measurements in case I made a giant size way back when.

WIP: tropical t
I still love this berry berry color the MOST.

Thanks for all the cool yarn, Jacqui! I hope I get to see you and Karina and Marietta again soon...

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