Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last bike workout of EVER (if I want)

Though not the last time I have to ride it... I will do a mini brick on Saturday before the tri on Sunday, but then I can hang this bitch up til Hell freezes over, if my cold, black heart desires. My bike coach tells me that after 6 months of running (I start half-marathon training in three weeks) that I may be really excited about getting on a bike in the spring. I will believe it when I see it.

Today's Horoscope:
Cross-purposes, crossed wires, and conflicting energies may have left you drained of late, but realignment is now underway that will allow you to get back in tune with things. You will find yourself better able to take charge of your daily routine and let it energize you rather than drag you down. Experimentation with various alternatives now leads to the choice of a single path that both conserves your inner resources and brings you dividends in the process. Put aside time-wasting diversions and go with what -- and who -- really make you feel alive and glowing.

Thank you again, Universe, you are coming in loud and clear. I am working on it.

So here is the giant T-shirt. Opinions, please. I could throw it in the washer on hot and see what happens.

giant barney sweater
[I'll clean that room up... let's say "tomorrow."]

OR I could throw a white patent leather belt around my waist and get some scrunchy leather ankle boots...

giant 80s barney sweater
[I know you wish you had my silver-plated brass knuckles belt buckle.]

OR I just knit my mom a real nice present. What say you?

I will weave the ends in tonight while I watch crap TV and post the official FO tomorrow.

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