Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First (mostly mostly) Olympic FO!

I finished (but for the weaving in of the ends, but it was 2 in the morning... I couldn't bear it) my Blizzard wrap last night! I crocheted all the way through Howl's Moving Castle (loved it! loved it!) and Muhammed Ali: Made in Miami (also very good) and Nancy Pelosi on Tavis Smiley (both on PBS).

Blizzard shawl - wrapped up
[wrapped up... there will be a wingspan shot once the ends are woven]

Pattern: Blizzard from Scarf Style by Pam Allen
Fiber: Rowan Polar in Winter White (discontinued)
Ravelry link: Blizzard

Blizzard shawl
[I didn't measure it, but I would guesstimate that the width is about 30" and the length (unstretched) is about 65-70"]

Mods: Only mod was the yarn. The Polar is slightly smaller gauge than the called for fiber (its a Reynold's, I believe) so I knew the width would be a bit smaller. The posts I read online said the thing was GINORMOUS, so I figured I could sacrifice a few inches of width and still be happy with it. The stitch pattern and lofty yarn stretch like crazy, so the length (and width) are sort of situational. I think that with it draped around me, it easily comes close to the pattern length of 79".

Blizzard shawl - stitch detail

What I loved
The fiber is dreamy to work with... I am bummed out that Rowan cancelled it. Also, once I sat down to it for more than 15 minutes a month, the pattern was easy to memorize and quick to work. The FO is soft and warm and makes me wish it were Fall so I could wrap it around my nightgowned self and have coffee on a balcony in Brooklyn while I read the paper and nibble a scone. This is definitely a "comfort wrap"... Not one I could see wearing out of the house.

I am not sure if I gave myself the home only limitation because the pics in the book have it wrapped around a nightgowned model like a bohemian robe/throw or if it is the logical use for something shaped this way... but in any case, it will probably live over the back of a chair in my livingroom.

What I would do differently
Work it faster! My gauge changed a bit from... oh, a YEAR AGO, so one end is a bit wider than the other. I compensated for most of this by reducing the stitches in the edging rows on that end. The resulting fabric is so drapey and stretchy that you can't tell, but I know it. I also might reconsider the decision to make such a soft garment out of a handwash-only white fiber, but I'll worry about that once its full of scone crumbs and coffee stains.

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