Thursday, June 21, 2007

More things that rock

I am in a hotel in MD, leaving tomorrow to go back home and frantically pack some more of my house before heading back this way next Tuesday. (Just for work, the move will be a local one.)

There are finally a few moments to give mad props to a couple of folks.

First, Amy, got me a two fantastic birthday presents:

These were both on my list, and are each inspiring in different ways. Thank you so much, Amy!! She just celebrated a birthday herself, and has been a great (knitting) friend for a couple of years now. Though we don't keep in touch as often as we should, I am very lucky we are still friends.

Also BBE kept the pressies coming for weeks! He got me a great bag that is my new carryon...

As well as a great Gama-Go wallet and an amazing contact lens case (no pics).

Oh, and a couple of weeks ago?

danskin 2007

I beat last year's time by 7:27.

I have been knittng as well as enhancing ye olde stash at some of my favorite haunts, but I will blab about all that next time.