Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Actual knitting content

I know, craziest thing ever!

But first, here is a serious time warp for me: The Judy's MOO

I listened to a tape (made from an LP) of this album overandoverandover in junior high and high school. You can listen to Real Audio files on the above page (just scroll down). Some favorites include: Don't be a Hippie, Milk, and Trixie and the Killer. They sound a bit like They Might Be Giants. Very '50s and tongue-n-cheeky.

If you ever listened to this album way back when, you are my new best friend. Please speak up.


Here is a sock I am knitting (possibly for a friend, possibly for mememe):

Made from Opal purchased at Springwater's big sale last weekend.

Also, you can see in the bottom center of this pic, my resurrected Jaywalker. It is just a toe (started and finished at last night's meetup).

And, a not-so-great picture of my fabulous bag, made by Jacki. It is the best bag EVER. I get SO many compliments on it! Be sure to check out her amazing gallery of bags.


There are frustratingly few pictures of our most fabulous meetup. Last night was a small but awesome group (including Sarah K (and Sarah's friend who's name I can't remember... Jo?), Lara, Amy, Paula, and myself) and I wanted to be sure to document. Next meetup will be my last (waaah!) so nearly everyone got to suffer through my flash.

Paula & Amy

Amy & Lara

Sarah (who needs a blog!) and her fantastic sweaters (one on, one on her lap, and one tucked away in her knitting bag)... she kitchnered a whole Mariah hood during meetup!

My picture of Jo was obscured by the head of a man who sat with our group for the entire meetup and typey-typed on his laptop. There is probably a random blog post somewhere about the group of laughy chicks with sticks.

I am off in the morning on the first of three trips this month (you know, the month where I should be PACKING my entire life??). Anyone in town want to come over and help me pack boxes next weekend? I can pay you with beer and tasty mojitos...

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