Tuesday, February 21, 2006

3 Ways of Looking at a Black-and-Blue Foot*

This boot is not sexy. (Like the fall that led to it.)
Even handmade socks fail to pretty up this
dumb blue boot.

Without the boot, my bruise looks purple and yellow
(Not actually black or blue)
I imagine the Northern Lights on my foot.

No packing or cleaning for three days,
My stress is palpable.
At least I didn't break it.

* My apologies to Wallace Stevens

Sprain or no, there is at least one thing I was able to do instead of all the shit I should have been doing. At least I packed the wheel afterwards.

(I split the fiber exactly in half, yet still have all that extra single on one bobbin. Fringe, maybe? Or a Navaho Ply lesson-to-be?)

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