Monday, January 09, 2006

Still kicking...

But I seem to be in a wildly unproductive and unmotivated phase right now.

I am not sure what's up, but it's surely not from lack of inspiration! On Saturday, I grabbed a subway downtown and met up with Jenna finally. I am so glad I did! We sat at a great coffee shop and gabbed and knit for a couple of hours before she had to dash off to a glamorous evening event (I can't wait to see the pictures). Not only were Jenna's socks-in-progress inspiring, but the conversation was fun and thoughtful. I hope we get to hang out again, soon.

Then on Sunday, I got to spend some quality time with Amy. She had a sassy pair of finished socks that I instantly coveted. Go check them out, she has them posted. She also showed me a cute-cute picot edge on some mini-Jaywalkers she is starting. I loved it! (Why the hell haven't I started my jaywalkers yet?!?!) We met up after my swimming class and had great food. Then we had some quality shopping time and she fixed some stuff on my computer for me. I may be in IT, but hardware is not my specialty nor one I want to have, so I am so glad she saved my butt!

So where are the pics, the thrilling new knits o' the season? I don't know. So much is up in the air right now (don't you hate that phrase?) that I can't seem to really focus on anything. Instead I am just waylaid by a series of distractions of varying levels of importance in the grand scheme of things (meeting new friends and spending time with current friends = important; playing endless rounds of "Text Twist" on yahoo games = maybe not so much). I am really homesick for the NW and a bunch of old friends, but I think that is the "singleness" talking... like, wanting to go back toward comfort, rather than forward into change.

I am trying. The swimming class is one way: I am training (I use the term loosely, as I am so amateur it is nearly hilarious) for a very mini-triathlon in the summer. I hope to actually complete it, but my goal is really to prepare for it. Anyone want to join me in training? There are mini-tris all over the country. Also, I set a goal for myself to learn Spanish this year (at least to a "non-offensive" tourist level)... If I can pull it off, maybe a trip to Costa Rica in the fall?

Anyway. Thanks for sticking around (if you still are) I will be "back" soon.

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