Friday, November 11, 2005

Friday is when I get all rambly and introspective

I just wrote half of a long-ass post about my youthful idealism and what its loss means to me. (Yes, all because of Alaska.)

But then I thought, its Friday, and I don't want to get down today. Instead, I have some inadequate pictures of the amazing atmosphere that was yesterday.

I borrowed a cellphone, so they are a bit googy, but they are good reminders for me, if not good representations.

Here's how yesterday was:
The sun was really bright; it was making the golds and yellows and browns in the leaves a really shiny orange color. The wind was blowing and it had been dry, so periodically you would see gusts of leaves swirling by, or clusters of black birds riding the gusts. There were these huge clouds sailing low through the super-blue sky, they were a bruised purple-black on the bottom, but (owing to the bright sun and the windyness that presumably kept them from glomming together) glowing white and fluffy on top. They were moving pretty fast, and so the view changed minute to minute. I was in my boss' office which is windowed on two walls, and even though I was trying really hard to stay focused on the conference call to which I was supposed to be contributing, I really just wanted to fall into the arms of the afternoon.

Does that make sense? I wanted to be a kid running through a playground, swinging, jumping, lying still in the grass looking up. I wanted to be in a field with the sky just like it was and finding animal shapes in the clouds until it got too dark to see. I wanted to be the day, and be with the day. It was palpable.

God I love Fall. Anyone know where it is Fall for 6+ months out of the year? Please, no one from Oregon or Washington answer that it's your town, it would break my heart.



There has been some knitting, it is all gifty-gift related and so will have to be secret. I will try to come up with some good pics over the weekend.

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