Monday, October 24, 2005

First things first

I would like to thank my most fabulous knitting pals for keeping me occupied with fun stuff all of this very long and distressing weekend (also known as his last weekend in the apartment). I have so far been successful at keeping the sad lonely music to a minimum. However, I have been toying with the idea of getting a hundred cats. Overall, I am just tottery and floaty feeling.

Midway through longest weekend ever (typoed 'lonest' first... scuse me, my Freudian slip is showing), Lara brought me this fantastic little gem:

That's right: "It's called a breakup because it's broken." So far it is sassy enough to keep me distracted and on track. (There is a whole chapter on avoiding "drunk dialing".) I would highly recommend it to any woman you know who has just ended a relationship, either of her own volition or of his.

As I was saying, this weekend, Sarah took me out dancing (so much fun, but next time I wear comfier shoes); Amy spent Saturday shopping with me (need to go shopping? Amy is the one to take. Not once did she say anything like "Are you sure you need that?"); and then Lara (in addition to the fabby book previously mentioned) kept me up late watching scary movies on my first night home alone.

How much does that rock? I'll tell you: it rocks mightily.

I have a lot of catching up to do... The last two months have been spent travelling, visiting old friends and family. I have lots of pics. What does this mean for you, gentle readers? No pics of the Rhinebeck booty til everything else is caught up.

OK, OK, maybe one pic of booty:

She is a darling Lendrum double-treadle. She does not yet have a name... You know what that means?


Leave me a comment between now and Friday (Oct. 28) with a name suggestion. If I use your suggestion (or it inspires me to think of one I love even more), I will send you a lil' sum-sump'n. In the event that I am still stumped for a name at the end of the week, I will just draw a w-iener from all entries.

Also, here are two crappy pics of a couple of recent FOs...

The Everyday Cardi in Periwinkle Peace Fleece.

It is a bit short in the body, and the collar is a little strangulation-al, but I still dig it. The scratchy 'Fleece softened up after a rough bath and the weight is nice and snuggly. The buttons are brushed silver-toned metal.

The Flower Basket Shawl in Schaefer's Laurel (Billie Holliday colorway).

The Good: Laurel is the shiniest cotton ever. So slickery; so sparkly and drapey!
The Bad: Cotton has no memory: the blocking, she is not so "crisp."

Next up: a trip to Charlottesville without seeing a single sweaty half-naked man; and fun in the excruciating Phoenix sun with some fam-dam-ly.

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