Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Playing catch-up

Why do I feel like I am "falling behind" when I work on my trip pictures instead of my knitting? I feel like I am late for something, and have to hurry. How ridiculous!

In response to some of yesterday's comments:
Lara, No worries! I wasn't sick til I got home (perfect timing!)

Molly, I used two balls of Kersti (one for each wrister) and I just weighed the two leftover balls and had about 35gms... For J's mitts I used one full ball of Jo Sharp Aran Tweed and just enough of a second ball to finish the thumb on one mitt. I think they came out a bit short, so the second ball probably could have gotten more use.

(If there is any interest in the wrister/mittlette patterns, give me a shout and I can write them up.)

Ann, Your wish is my command... Here are the first 100 pics (of the first two days, can you believe it?)

I actually love something about every one of these shots: maybe a leaf shadow on water, or the outline of a branch against the sky or the "fall" colors of Alaska. Some of them are just reminders of my accomplishments on the trip. If you click on the "file info" button I have included as many factoids or notes about what I saw and learned as I could remember or google.

And here are some flowers and some mountains for Cara and Margene:

Kenai Foothills and Fireweed, Skilak Lake, Alaska

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