Friday, July 15, 2005

super hi-N-R-G!!!

Warning: Totally spastic post ahead, because first: It's Friday! Woo! And second: I had this sample all natural "energy" drink and now, I am completely WIRED!

[deep breaths]

OK. First, check this out! Cher is documenting her stash! She says she can give me a serious run for my money (yay, Cher!).

Also on the subject of work ('cause Cher works for the same company that I do), here is a lil moment from the SUPER FUN mid-mid knitty meetup on Wednesday:

Me: Today was great 'cause it was "Cookie Wednesday" and the Meat team was having a big ole' MEATing at the office and they were grilling. MMM! Cookies! BBQ!
Amy (who is new to our little meetup group): Um. Where do you work? Cause at my office? No "meat team."

NOTE: I work in one of several head offices of a "Natural Grocery" chain. (mmmm. Double chocolate chips! Grilled chicken sausage!)

And speaking of the super-fun-mid-mid-knitty-meetup, here's the breakdown:

  • Sarah - Safe and sound, back from the Panamanian jungles (not so you'd know it from her BLOG tho' - hint hint) was working on a LOVELY Suede-ish sweater from the Loop-D-Loop book. Looks like suede, but strong!
  • Paula - Totally kicking Lara's ass in the Rogue race. And she says that she and K8 are about to do more dying. More!? My poor willpower can't take it...
  • Lara - I dunno if what she is knitting is a surprise or not. But it is super cute! Have you heard about her new gig? Congrats on the dream job!
  • Amy - So glad I got to meet the funny and charming Amy! She is working on a gorgeous shell in Cotton Fleece. I hope she gets it done (and photographed) before her vacation, cause I know it will be super-fly on the beach. (Check out that great beach bag!)

I have completely forgotton something else I was going to mention. Completely and utterly. Except, man! I could go for some pancakes...

Anyway. Currently there are two items on the needles at Chez small hands. One is my bus-subway-plane-train knitting:

This is sock cuff #1 from the Cascading Leaves pattern (Jeannie Townsend).

Side 1 (right, back) of the Dolman, Updated.

The sweater made too much progress last night at Panera, where Linda and I both reached Escape Velocity from our endless fields of stockinette. She finished the back of a fantastic tank, and I had to rip back four rows because I overshot the beginning of the sleeve. I did end up getting the whole sleeve cast on - 77 stitches, incrementally.

Linda has really taken to spinning and recently had a great spinnning adventure. It got me all inspired to get back to working my Rhinebeck stash from last year. Maybe I will have some new fiber to post next week!

Until then, have a funFunFUN weekend, and just say no to N-R-G drinks.

[Edited to add: Of course, now I remember what else I wanted to say! Thank you to everyone who left comments on the Candle Wrap! I seem to have hit a very productive knitting groove lately, and all of your encouragement is helping me stay there.]

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