Thursday, June 23, 2005

Lace be not proud!

I admit. I was a bit cocky after Lotus. I mean, she is lovely! Somehow... I, who can barely keep a lucky bamboo alive or bake anything even remotely resembling a loaf of bread... My uncoordinated self made that!

It's not that I wasn't reading the chart. I was. But, I was also enjoying some trashy TV... And well. Such are the wages of knitterly arrogance:

Don't see it? Click for big.

If you still need a hint, it's in the left side "swoop" up the side of the flame. I knit the wrong 2tog, and broke the line.

Tomorrow I will attempt to frog back. Stay tuned for pics of the process. And cross your fingers. And learn from my mistakes: be a humble knitter. (Also don't watch Nanny 911 while trying to read a chart.)

PS, I huge thank you to all who left me encouraging comments about the shawl. I am right well pleased, and really appreciate everyone sharing in my excitement.

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