Friday, June 17, 2005

Aloha Friday!

At my office, we have a new team member who came to us from a)Dell and b)Hawaii. Every Friday at his last office, it was "Aloha Friday — No work til Monday!" And it was accompanied by many donuts and donut holes.

Lucky for us, he has decided to bring that tradition here to Maryland. Aloha!

(Unfortunately for my "better living through not eating so much crap" regimen, at his last job they also had "Cookie Thursday" which is going to start up here next week. Anyone else? What sugary buzz should we dive into on Tuesdays?)

This weekend, I will be knitting up a storm trying to fill this little box:

with a few more goodies. Ideally, another pair of mittens, and two more hats.

In Lotus news:

See that blurry bit? The chart? With only TWO pattern rows left? I am going to try to get those done tonight. Maybe the wicked bind off on Saturday. I can't believe I am so close to being done!

In honor of the Summer of Lace (yes, I jumped off that cliff, too). I will be posting most of my laceweight and lacey-things-to-be stash in Anatomy of a Stash today. This group has been great so far: all kinds of lace tips and tricks (ever want to know how the @#$ to deal with nupps? Liisa gave us a great tip just the other day). Come on, join in the fun. You know you wanna.

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