Monday, April 25, 2005

National Race for the Cure

I'll be there. (I will be walking.) Any other area knitters want to join me?

Once my registration is in, I will post a link where you can go to sponsor me. Even $5 goes a long way towards making a big difference.


The horseback riding was kind of a bust. My group's driver was running late for various reasons, and there were no extensions from the ranch. So the 90 minutes became about 45. But the weather, despite threatening to rain all day, was gorgeous. Along the bit of trail we did see, there were scads of redbud trees and not a few dogwoods blooming.


I know, I know, do I ever knit anymore? I do, I swear, I just haven't taken many pictures lately. I feel so overwhelmed by all of my other stuff, that dealing with the camera, the server, and the files just seems like the straw that more poor camel-y back would like to avoid. I hope it is a phase that will pass soon.

As far as progress: I have finished a pair of socks and the back and three-quarters of the front of my shell-that-may-go-to-MDS&W. I reserve the right to bail out of wearing it if the fuzziness of the green yarn makes me look too much like a giant unripe kiwi-fruit.

I am still in the late 70s (row-wise, out of 160-something) as far as the shawl goes, but I will be kicking it into high gear after finishing the shell.

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