Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Scarves, mittens, memes, and the YNBA

On Scarves
I started another project over the weekend.

Start of a scarf for Mom. Crochet, my design, using Colinette Chenille DK.

I hate hate HATE knitting with chenille. But, crochet: no nasty "snakes" from my somewhat haphazard gauge, no achey-breaky fingers, no wrist cramps... Hallelujah!

Plus, lacy crochet solves the problem I often have with space-dyed yarns. (Most recently it was with the Schaefer Esperanza). It is exactly the opposite of Stephanie's problem. I like the way the colors look distinct in the hank, but am often disappointed when I ball them up and the color gets all muddled up. In this open crochet pattern, I can maintain the separate puddles and pools and the lovely transitions between them.

This colorway is so my Mom, and this is about all the scarf one needs in Phoenix, AZ. I hope she digs it. I will post the pattern if anyone is interested.

On Mittens
Speaking of Stephanie, have you seen her mittens? So amazing! Steph, you definitely contribute to my "ODKSD" (obsessive-delusional knitting speed disorder), wherein I think I can knit as fast as those around me. Luckily, I have not purchased the Folk Mittens book (even though I have seriously considered it, twice). And as will be noted below, I will not be until early spring.

I will, however, be starting my thrumms soon... I would have started already, but there's a small problem. Since I cannot knit mittens as quickly as I think I can, and since I have been working really hard to be acceptant and present with that knowledge, I have become paralyzed by too many options. I mean, the thrummed mittens need to be the coolest mittens EVER. Come on, fleece-lined knit mittens?!

First, I got some lovely grey wool and some vibrant blue roving at Rhinebeck. I love grey and blue. But I also got some really soft green wool... And I thought, well if the thrumms are on the inside, why should I use a really amazing roving? Why not just white? To go with the beautiful green wool. Then (when my spinning skills automagically become both efficient and startlingly advanced) I could spin the measly two ounces of blue and ply it with some of the nice white merino I got. (You see how the ODKSD insidiously manifests? I go from being aware of one shortcoming to being completely whacked-out blind to another.) Anyway, so now I am turned off of using the blue roving.

I would have already started the green mittens, but the wool is so soft. It is mostly merino with a bit of corriedale and just a smidge of mohair. Wouldn't the two greens (yes, I got two greens: moss and sage) make the best two-tone hat from Weekend Knitting? You know, the brioche one? Since, as I said—it is pretty soft wool and I would love to try that brioche business. So, the green wool will have to wait. You know, until I can knock out knitting projects like an army drill team (rather than like Lucy on a chocolate assembly line).

Right. But what about the damn mittens?! Luckily, on my last day of crazymadyarnbuying before the YNBA (see below) I scored what will likely (at least as of -right- -now-) become the thrummed mittens. Picture red and white. More info in the Stony-Mountain-Fibers-Post-To-Be.

On Memes
Love this one. Thanks to both Susan and Karen for passing it on.

(A) First, recommend to me:

1. A movie:
2. A book:
3. A musical artist, song, or album:

(B) I want everyone who reads this to ask me three questions, no more, no less. Ask me anything you want.

(C) Then, go to your blog or journal and copy and paste this, allowing your friends to ask you anything

It's fun to stay at the YNBA
Check out Monica and Lynette's fantastic idea, and thanks to Margene for getting the word out. I, too, have declared a Yarn Non-Buying Agreement with myself. It is not a diet. Diets are all about restriction. This is an agreement to make a wise decision every day to appreciate the stash I have.

My personal YNBA: Nov 20 - Feb 20.

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