Thursday, November 18, 2004

FMF's socks

Henceforth, Sweet Baboo would prefer to be known as Funk Master Flash. "Sweet Baboo" just doesn't capture his retro, wild-thang-shakin' side enough.

I should be asleep. I leave in the morning for an overnight trip to Charlottesville, VA (doesn't that sound like a lace knitter's kinda town?) for a little work and a little socializing with an old friend and his family. I am thinking: WOO! I could so use some decompression. Fortunately, I will be traveling by bus (short version of the long story: I don't drive) so Boogie will get a bit of attention.

Oh wait, don't I normally knit socks on business trips?

I would but I don't have any on the needles [insert happy FO dance music here]:

There was no official pattern, but they are based loosely on the stats in the Plain and Fancy book. Made with Plymouth Encore and Wool-Ease on two size 5 circs.

I am such a goob that I had to come blog about them being done as soon as they were. Isn't it weird how the socks don't look too long when he wears them?

See y'all Monday!

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