Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Catching up

Last night, FMF and I picked up our Thanksgiving dinner at our fave market. I have tried to cook turkeys and geese for Thanksgiving, but I just don't enjoy it. Yet, when I try to skip the dinner all together, I get despondent over missing the tradition.

Enter the catering department:

  • Two-plus pounds of herbed turkey breast
  • Mashed potatoes and gravy
  • Cranberry-pecan cornbread stuffing
  • Plain ole' cornbread for the picky eater
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Green beans and corn

And all I have to do is heat it up! That's the life... What are you having for dinner?

I have been scrambling all week. I don't seem to have time for half the things I need to get done. Including write interesting posts. As a matter of fact, all sorts of great things have been happening that I haven't posted about.

For example, last Wednesday was Knitting Meetup! We got to ogle Michelle's amazing glove, Sarah K's beautiful slip-stitch sweater, and Crafty Sarah's goonchy slip-stitch bag. Paula #1 was working with some lovely hand-dyed wool, while Paula #2 made all kinds of progress on her raglan sweater. Lara worked on her cute Debbie Bliss bunny and the not-so-bitter-but-oh-so-sweet socks. Fantastic knitting, ladies! (K8 and Sondra... You were missed!)

My rejuvenating trip to Charlottesville seemed like it was going to end up being fiber-free. (The horror!! Can you imagine?) Luckily, an old friend and I crashed Stony Mountain Fibers on Sunday afternoon. That is a story in and of itself, so I will tell it when I post the pictures.

When I arrived home, I had not one—but two!!!—RAOKs waiting for me~Woo! Alison sent me a cute shopping list pad (right in the nick of time, my little notebook that I used for shopping lists had just run out) and a great card. And Anne sent me the Knitter's Magazine Shawls and Scarves book (from my wishlist!!) and some fantastic hand salve. Thank you both very much... After the bus ride from hell (don't even get me started on the bus, let's just say: mystery liquids all over the floor, DEA agents, and a not-so delightful bouquet all conspired to make for very LONG three hours), your gifts closed the weekend out on a VERY GOOD note!

Boogie was almost done last night. I heavily modified the pattern to make it a V-neck, but when I tried it on with the crochet border, it was clear that the shoulders were about 4 stitches too wide. Can you say "80s shoulder pads"? Ugh. Rip, rip rip. I only went as far as the last armhole decrease, and am adding a few more. Stay tuned.

Thank you all for your kind words on my Quit. I never ever EVER thought I could quit smoking. I am the most addictive personality I know. But once I was ready, it just happened. It wasn't always easy, but it was always doable. If you want help or encouragement in starting your own Quit, or helping a loved one, gimme a holler.

Don't forget to vote on your favorite Fall Foliage, over at IndigoMuse's. (Even if you don't pick mine!)

SPIII, fear not! Your last package is boxed up and merely awaiting postage.... Oh, for just two more hours in the day and three more (non-working) days in the week!

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