Tuesday, June 01, 2004

titles are hard

I did indeed finish the Right Front of Salt Peanuts on Sunday. Since I did one of the sleeves before the fronts, I only have one sleeve left of knitting. WOO!

I have also started a little wavy blue scarf for some instant gratification. The current languishing project is the Eyelet Cardi. It is hard to visualize it ever being done, so it is easy to avoid. I need to get creative about reinspiring myself about it.

My photoeditor (aka Sweet Baboo) is taking the day off from being at my digital beck and call to do some real work (YAY Sweet Baboo!!) which means there may be some lag in the project photos... unless I knuckle down and learn some freakin' Photoshop.

Thank you to all who left messages the other day with concern for my knees. I have since moved the ottoman lenthwise, so one end of the loveseat is like a chaise, and added a small pillow. I used to use a footstool in my large folding chair and it did wreak havoc. The new setup is much better. Thanks again!

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