Thursday, April 22, 2004

not quite back in the saddle

My jaw is killing me. What is it about tooth pain that is so... PRESENT? Is it because of the proximity of the pain to one's brain? But then again, neck pain can often be ignored for whole minutes on end while this refuses to let a freakin' moment pass without a twinge or a throb to remind me that I have four new holes in my head.

Anyway on to better news. I will have pictures tomorrow of my recent stash enhancements. (Pay no mind to any previous comments about no more yarn... Thanks to Kerstin I am overcoming my guilt about yarn and WIPs.)

Yesterday on the worst work day ever (not really, but it is very hard to concentrate with the tooth pain) I received my prize from Teresa! WOO! I won a lovely set of stitch markers (little sheep, no less!) and a beautiful gauge and needle sizer. If you haven't seen it yet, check out her lovely Rogue.

I also got pictures of the Finished Stash Buster (very loosely based on Debbie Bliss' Child's Guernsey in Learn to Knit)....

And a picture of the finished back of Salt Peanuts...

click here for some rib action

Amber (Happy Birthday!) asked me about my row gauge issues. Once the piece got a little longer, it became clear that some of the extra length was due to the knitting being "smooshed" on my straight needles. The ribbing is now only a little more than a quarter inch longer than it should be. The rest of the pattern relies heavily on knitting lengths, not rows, so that little bit doesn't seem to affect the finished back. There is a lot of shaping on this sweater though, so I hope all the pieces fit together at the end!

Thank you all who wished me well with my teeth. I don't know many people in this town yet, and it really helped a lot knowing I had warm wishes out in blogland.

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