Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The nerve of some people...

Stupid Elann sent me yarn samples *tch!* can you believe that?! As if I needed ANY further encouragement... And then, to top it off Rock Chick...[sputters] actually posted news of a sale on amazing yarns at Patternworks... I mean Point 5 in a grab bag?! Ugh. I... Must... resist... Must... Save... Money... For MS&WF...

Have you made your blog buttons yet? Ann and I want to know who the other bloggers are! Represent with a real button of your blog button... Or make a groovy iron-on transfer and put it on a shirt or a tote bag (mine is *so* goin' on a tote bag). If I still had my BeDazzler, I could seriously rock the fest.

In progress news, I am a done with a quarter of SP's back. It is boring, so no pics. Also, aforementioned yarn samples came in a box with a new batch of needles for the Eyelet Cardi. I don't want to slow the run I am on with Peanuts, so I will wait a couple more days to reswatch that one.

Also, I have finished Critter Knit Number Two, and they will both be in the mail tomorrow!

Here is a new segment I would like to introduce to small hands, called Why I love the knit blogs! There are about a zillion reasons why the knit blogs are cool, including the charity projects that get us involved in our communities, the compassionate support that folks give to each other, heck, the FOLKS THEMSELVES! But today, one reason stands out: contests! I mean how cool is it that knitters out there have contests for their neighbors? And with cool prizes!

Recent cool contests I have seen:
  • Guess what tank top Mom liked, vs. which DD liked (over at Kerstin's)

  • Wendy has 'em every month—For April, you just had to send an email! How easy is that?

  • How about this one from David over at the Sweater Project: Guess what food I am? (I am really sorry to have missed this one, but probably would have guessed cocoa puffs.)

  • And last but not least, Teresa, over at Knitting the Blues, posted a query about Kitchener stitches... this has been my favorite so far... Mostly 'cause I won it! WOO! I, who never win anything.

I would like to give a superlative RightON to all you awesome Contest Hosts and Hostesses. Thank you for your part in making the block a neighborhood.

I may miss a few posts over the weekend as I am getting all four wisdom teeth pulled on Friday... Wish me luck and no dry sockets! Knit on.

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