Friday, April 09, 2004

Happy Friday, FOs, and swatching...

First things first, thank you to both Nancy, and Teresa for the short row advice after the last post. I will be trying it out on my next neckline. I found fabulous instructions on short rowing here (knitty is a big favorite here at small hands)

My first critter knit is done, I did the diagonal garter binkie... somehow my stitches were actually tighter on the *second* skein of yarn than the first (this is in direct opposition to my normal M.O.) So not only is it not a square blanket, it isn't even a rectangle but a sort of rumpled kite-shape. Luckily, it is still gooshy and warm and I am consoling myself with the notion that a scared, cold puppy won't notice.

still life with critter knit and a weekend of movie watchin'

I also started another CK, this time a crocheted circle... I may try to make it a square by giving it corners, I'm not sure yet.

In SALT PEANUT news: I heard folks were having trouble with making the 17st/in gauge, and I tend to knit loose, so I thought I would be uber proactive and knitted my first swatch on US 9 (5.5cm).

Result: a beautifully consistent 18 stitches per inch. [riiiipppp] Tonight I will try my 10/6.0s (not to be confused w/ my other 10s that are apparently 5.75cms... what's up with that??)

Oh, the movies? Bend it Like Beckham, American Splendor, and Autumn Spring. I'll let you know Monday if any of them really rock my world.

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