Friday, February 27, 2004

Currently on my needles (pictures will follow one of these days):
* First pair of fingerless gloves
* "Guernsy-esque" sweater for my nephew
* Baby blanket for the niece- or nephew-to-be
* Chenille scarf in blue on blue (trying out intarsia)

Perhaps even more impressive of a list are my "To-Do"s... I have the yarn in house or on the way, so I need to get cracking! I think four current projects is enough, so as they fall off the list above, I can add some of the following:

* Black and yellow scarf (a la Dr.Who) for A
* Black and grey scarf for A (to match the hat made last fall)
* Hex pattern afghan (in the super dreamy Homespun color Tudor by Lion brand)
* Black "mohair wannabe" sweater for me
* Grey sweater for A (yarn is on backorder)
* Lace pattern super-bulky scarf (one in Reds and one in Grey)
* Something unisex for the baby with the leftover baby yarn
* Socks! (I want to try "Sheron's two at one time on circular needles")

I think that's it for now. Probably that's plenty.

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