Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday, sunday: an FO, some lurid pics, and plans

Here is a little mini-FO. I was so enamored with all of the Queen Anne's Lace scarves at Rhinebeck, I had to have one. I grabbed the yarn from The Fold, it's a Socks That Rock colorway in a worsted weight! It took me a mere day to knock this baby out, and I love it.

Queen Anne's Lace scarf

Why crochet rocks
(Sorry for the craptacular pics, the camera batteries were dead... so this is me blackberrying it up)

1craftyboy's free pattern here: Queen Anne's Lace scarf
Socks that Rock Twisted (color: Jubilation)
Ravelry link

I had some trouble deciding how I wanted to attach each motif together (you attach as you go in the pattern). If you anchor each new motif to TWO other motifs, you get the scarf that is pictured in the patterns all over... It is very flat and stable. Since I was using a smaller needle than most folks did, that made my scarf sort of stiff. So I experimented and every now and then attached a few motifs to just the one below it. This makes the scarf a bit more "twisty." I really like the finished product and had to stop myself from making about eleventy-two of these.

Queen Ann closeup
(close up of the groovy flowery motifs)

What I liked about this project
Um, hi? One day to multicolored scarfy goodness? I AM IN. Plus the flowery shapes are spared from overcuteness somehow, and I REALLY dig that.

What would I do differently
Next time I will use a bigger needle and attach them all as written. OR I will use the same needle and attach them all loosely and make like two strings that you wear together. Or something like that. I might even just not change a damn thing.

STR twisted Jubilation
(the scarf only used up a smidge... I have plans for the rest!)

Austin's own Erotic Carnival
On Friday, I went to watch my pals Mr. Lewis and the Funeral Five play at Austin's Erotic Carnival (here's a blurb on last year's event). Not as fantastically costumy as I had hoped, but we had fun.

One for the xmas letter
(Myself with two of the boys in the band. Good times!)

Shannon and Ruby
(Shannon with our buddy, Ruby Lamb, the burlesque dancer.)

hula hooping... on FIRE
(She was hula-hooping... with FIRE!)

(I don't know what they are dressed as, but I love how they camped up for the camera.)

Joy, me, Shannon
(We make a sassy 6-pack!)

Now THAT'S a sixpack
(The six pack comes in more than one flavor.)

I am moving to NYC

...In about 6 months. It is very exciting, and has given me a nice shot of get-your-shit-together. Before I move there, I am going back for one more fun trip (Halloween!), to hang out with one of my best college friends, Corrie. More on this as it develops. But, hooray!

Friday, October 24, 2008

X-ray of a kiss

Tell me this is not fantastic... I dare you.

From Geekologie

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Secret Garden Vest: overdue FO report

I finished this baby as part of the Ravelympics... Wow, remember how long ago that was? There is an amazing phenomenon whereby time both stretches and compresses depending on one's situation, and a really amazing book by Stephen King and Barbara Krueger that beautifully addresses it. It's called My Pretty Pony, and if you ever find a copy of it in the wild for less than $75, snap it up.

Anyway, back to the FO. As with all of my other WIPs from long ago, this one came out a bit large. But lucky for me, I made some miscalculations initially, and it wasn't as big as some of the others (cough, tropical t, cough).

Secret Garden Vest - closed


White Lies Designs Secret Garden Vest
Ella Rae Shibu / Rowan RYC Natural Silk Aran

Ravelry Link

I went from a chunky gauge down to a worsted. I dropped a couple of needle sizes as well. The gauge worked for the yarn, but thank god I lost weight or this thing NEVER would have buttoned>

Secret Garden Vest - details(Great buttons, and can you see the short rows? So camouflaged!)

What I loved about this pattern
Hi, Feather and fan? Easiest lace to remember ever. Also, this was knit in the round up to the arms: No seaming! Easy as hell. If I would have just had the merest trifling focus, it would have been done in minutes.

What I would do differently next time
Two things, one... designers. Please. PLEASE. PLEASE! If there are decreases in a lace pattern, could you PLEASE write those out? Especially if there are going to be two different decreases... like say, a right and left V-neck front? PLEASE?!

The V-neck ended up sort of rounded and a bit too wonky for my taste. I had to do the first front over a couple of times, but then the second was easier. Am I just a moron? Should I be able to decrease in pattern, all smooth like, in my head? Am I asking too much? Sigh.

And second, when will I learn to stop knitting myself these maw-maw patterns? I mean the green is lovely and makes my eyes practically pop right off of my face they go so well together. And the two yarns worked together smashingly (they were both the last couple of balls in stock at Woolwinders, neither enough for the whole vest, so I added the stripes). The buttons are even perfect. But, I can't for the life of me figure out what to wear with it. Thoughts?

Secret Garden Vest - open

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Rhinebeck post

I am still too overstimulated from the last two weeks to write a proper post. Maybe it will become a little essay, like the Coney Island bit. Instead, here are just the galleries...

The first two days were spent with my friend Ylon. We did Coney Island and met up with a couple of friends of mine for drinks.

going out


The next two days were spent Rhinebeckin it up. I rode up with Vibegrrl, Mayarn, and Mr. Mayarn. They were all fun and funny. We hung out with the rest of Team Rav for much of the time and helped out Jess and Casey as we could. We shopped, too.

Why are there so many songs about rainbows?


I don't have stash acquisition pics yet, but so far the clear favorite for me was Punta Yarns Mericash Thousand Colors twist. Maya and I both grabbed some of this and Lara got a bulkier version. So beautiful! The colors are almost hypnotic.

The last day, the Beetle gang headed back to Brooklyn after stopping at an insane grocery store. We spent a couple of hours in the Botanical Garden before Lara and I began the hell drive to the Newark airport.

red dahlia


I am already planning another trip to NYC to hang w/ my girl and do some Halloween carousing...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Coney Island Idyll [excerpt]

(Note: this post is not about Rhinebeck. That will probably happen tomorrow or the next day, patience please, grasshoppers! Instead, it is about a bit of my day in NYC before I left for Rhinebeck.)

wonder wheel

I am watching the ground and stepping carefully across the bleached boardwalk slats. My cute pumps have turned out to be a poor footwear choice, but the way the boards have separated from each other over the years leaving black empty spaces just as wide as a high heel was impossible to pre-visualize. My friend Y has admonished my shoe choice twice now, as I appear to be concentrating too hard on the ground and not enough on the Coney Island sights around me. I think I am taking in more than it would appear: we of the high heel-wearing variety are often stepping carefully with one eye on the terrain and one on the horizon.

coney island boardwalk

He points to a concrete shelter between the boardwalk and beach sand that has a high curved roof on top of four heavy, angled supports. Under the roof are several fixed picnic tables.

"These are the old man huts." He points to the men, huddled at the tables, hunched over chess boards, card games, and backgammon. Down the boardwalk are several more such shelters each filled with men crowded like dark pigeons at bread crumbs. More chess players can be seen at the table-less benches on the other side of the wide wooden walkway. These are the late comers, presumably, who couldn't find space in one of the huts. We stop and lean over a couple of games. I want to take a picture but I sense it would be a trespass. The old women gossip at separate benches behind giant sunglasses, swaddled in bright head scarves and bulky coats.

The walk down the weathered boardwalk is near the end of our afternoon adventure. We had started out at the soon to be extinct, but still carnival-bright entrance to the Coney Island rides and games that Y enjoyed as a kid. I am the inquisitive tourist taking pictures of everything, he is the indulgent guide.

toyland toyland

feats of strength

grand winner and champeen!

view from the ferris wheel

pickled salad

the last of the caviar

astro glide. i mean land