Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cruise report... Stitch n Beach 2008

OK, sorry this has taken so long, but I came back from the cruise RIGHT into a long weekend of SXSW with a band as houseguests and then life and lots of other shows and cute boys and well, you know how that can go... But here are the pics and some notes. Anyone who cares to, can thank my resident stalker, Michael, for gently reminding me to post about the goddamn trip already.

To cut down on loadtime (is anyone still on dial up out there?) I am only posting one pic w/ a link back to the albums for each day.

You will see a shit ton of pics from the Dr. Stitch class of a yellow swatch and a cable... that will become a tutorial in the coming days, stay tuned!


My trip started out with some friends in NYC.

No, here's lookin' at YOU, kid!

View the NYC album here.

These guys are in a great band, Katy Mae, and they stay with me when they come to Austin. We went out drinking and I learned how to play Bocci and Wii. (I am a very good Wii bowler, but not so hot of a Wii tennis star.) They would be back at my place two weeks later for sxsw.

The first two days on the ship were at sea. We had one day of rough seas, spinning and knitting classes, and our first "formal dinner".

"You continental knitters will do whatever it is that you do with your little monkey hands"
Here, Debbie is teaching us the tricksy tricksy double knitting techniques required to pull off the Uncle Argyle scarf from Son of Stitch n Bitch.

See this album in its entirety, here.

Land HO... First stop was Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos. This was the horseback riding day. Grand Turk has two things going for it: John Glenn's space capsule was hauled ashore there, and there is a Margaritaville. Otherwise, it is new to the tourist trade and a fairly mellow rural little island. But boy, was it GORGEOUS. That night, back on the ship, we had the yarn tasting. I have already purchased two or three yarns from the bits I tried out.


Yarn tasters

The rest of the pics are here.

Before we made our next landfall, we started a lovely little capelet in brushed alpaca. By lunch, we were at the island of Tortola. Here I went sea kayaking and tried out my camera's scuba suit for the first time with a little snorkeling. Shannon violently threw me from my kayak a couple of times on account of how much talking I did in spinning class, but the day was overall REALLY AWESOME.

Brushed alpaca & lace, priceless!
Ramona knits lace now!

Caribbean beach

See the rest of the day here.

Our third stop was in St. Maarten. I went scuba diving... it was AMAZING. Other stuff might have happened, but I don't remember anything else that day...

C thinks scuba diving is OK!

More scuba pics here.

Our fourth island was St. Thomas... but my excursion for the day took me to St. John and a US National Park and biosphere. I went on a great little eco hike, and that evening finished up my capelet.

Honeymoon Beach, St. Johns

Finished Capelet

See a cool spider and some endangered coral (plus a snap of the dread bikini!) here.

The last stop was San Juan, Puerto Rico. My travelling buddy, Ramona and I decided to do an excursion together. We took a historic tour of the city and saw El Morro, the Cathedral, and the narrowest apartment in the world.

Outside El Morro

Ramona at the view from the women's bathroom

More pics of fabulous architecture and weird sculpture here.

Back at sea, we had more classes and a lovely group dinner (so sad to say goodbye), and the last stitch n bitch. (Incidentally, this was the first snb that Ramona and I attended--we were generally pretty anti social for most of the trip. But, we had a GREAT time hanging out together so I can sleep alright.)

Budding doctors of stitchnbitchery

Ramona's starchiest dinner ever

Lori's blanket

More pics of cables and knitters eating here.

Lastly, and quite anticlimactically, it took two miserable airport days to get OUT of NYC because of all the snow in Ohio and Atlanta (Carrie and Amy, I'm looking at you two... How could you let that happen??)


The rest of those sad pics here.

Whew. That's a lot of typing for now. Moral of the story: It was AWESOME and I would TOTALLY do it again.

Friday, April 04, 2008

(But she never even said how the cruise was...)

More soon, I have been so busy lately. Need to remedy that for sure... But in the meantime, some startling news:

(from one of my new favorite webcomics: xkcd.com)

Really? Seven!!??