Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A new favorite site...

The Apronista!

I love the look of fancy aprons... and this blog has a weekly giveaway! What's not to love? This week, all you have to do is leave a comment about which of these two aprons you like more.

Someone quick, pull me back from the brink of running out and buying lots of fabric and patterns to (probably never) make a dozen super cute aprons! (Like any of these. I am so in lllurrrve with all of these babies.)

In more topical news, I have been knitting, and rifling through Thanksgiving pics for the cutest ones to post... So more to come on all that. And thanks everyone for your support and for letting me geek out yesterday on the new pattern!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

In print

I just got a lil something in the mail...

Son of Stitch n Bitch

So I can finally brag on a lil something that you'll see on the COVER PAGE (insert w00t here)

Cover Page

My hat and mittens.... And my first official published knitting pattern!

Skull Isle

The rest of the book is pretty awesome too, so I can soundly recommend it. My favorites include a "naughty/nice" illusion scarf and an "Ernie" sweater (you know, from Bert and Ernie?! Kick ass!)

Please give a holla if you try the pattern... And stay tuned, I am working on some kind of follow up pattern more targeted for da ladies...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy turkey to all and to all a good week

Things I am thankful for (in no particular order):
* My house... She aint a lot, but she's mine all mine. Since this is the first living space I have owned, I have been going crazy with paint...

The newest paint is in my stairwell. It's called Scuba Dive or something and is a bright soothing turquoise-teal blue. The stairwell will be filled with music, art, and rollerderby posters (when they all get framed).

my new stairwell

Not to be outdone, I have two walls in my living room that are RED!

The wall AFTER
(This one looks better now that the bookshelves are full-ass up of books)

Back wall AFTER
(The opposite wall... There is a big white wall between them so one doesn't have seizures when one enters the room)

* My health. Working on it.

* My friends. I have the best friends in the world, no contest. They have been listening patiently and kindly to so much bullshit lately, and haven't yet told me to shut up. They have fed my body and soul and I couldn't ask for more.

* My family. No explanation needed. Heading there tonight, stay tuned for goofy nephew pics!

* My optimism. Even in the face of overwhelming pessimism.

at Opal's
(He's on a motorcycle now, racing me to Phoenix and dinner-with-the-folks. See you soon, baby!)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday is for knitting at work

My good friend Ramona learned to knit not too long ago... This is good, cause now I am not the only one knitting during conference calls.

We are experiencing a high volume of stitches, please stay on the line and an operator will be with you as soon as she finishes this one row.

call now
I'm sorry, I can't count and listen at the same time, hang on til I finish this repeat, willya?

All you work-knitters! Take a pic and post it. Maybe a flickr group? I am sure there are some of you out there...

**Edited to add: Here's the group, come on in.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Over the weekend my pal Ramona and I went to Stitch. I actuallly debuted the Sabine shrug there, but it deserved its own post, so I have held off on this one.

This is my second year at this handmade extravaganza and I might have actually spent less this time around. Last year I got a couple of gifts and some crazy tchotchkies... This year I only got one gift (a squid shirt for BBE) and the rest of the haul was me-all-mine.

Some things I didn't buy:

An embroidery kit from Sublime Stitching. Why? 'Cause I already had one on order! I really want to embroider a couple of this year's xmas gifts... Will I? Who knows!

A purse from Bolsa Bonita. Why? Cause I couldn't pick from all the excellent options! I loved them all so much. One of my favorites had Tom Selleck on it with some plush fabric sewn over his moustache. So furry and creepy!

There were several other fantastic finds that I was either too broke or too undecided to buy. But here are some shots of things I did get...

Monday was brought to you by Party Bots
That's the hurt bot on the softest T-shirt EVER (I actually purchased a total of 3 of his shirts... but two were Seattle souvenirs, where the artist Karl, is from! It was great to get to talk with him a bit about his process after buying his stuff so far away.)

On Tuesday I stayed home, but some really great stuff happened, so for Wednesday, I ditched the gloom and dove into a super bright Super Maggie...
This couple has some really gorgeous designs. I wanted about 3 of them reallyreally bad, but limited it to this nice men's V-neck. I don't normally like how men's T-shirts fit, but this one is perfect... plus the pattern is fantastic!

Today is Arts n Drafts, so I was feeling like dressing up a little. I threw this great Rural Rooster shirt on.
It has sparrows and roses silkscreened above the pockets on a re-purposed men's western button-down. Last year I got a t-shirt for me and a button down for Mark from this booth. There designs have a nice vintage/collage feel to them.. I love them.

It may not be the cheapest way to go, but ditching the mall in favor of supporting independent artists sure feels a helluva lot better. Check out some of the amazing designers on the Stitch Vendor list... There is sure to be something perfect for that one person on your list who is always impossible to shop for.

**Bonus, for any of my non-knitting (from way back) friends who might be peeking in: how many times in this post did I commit the "Where's the library at, asshole" faux pas?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sabine Shrug - Finished!

Here is my Sabine Shrug, in all its finished glory:

Sabine shrug - front

Pattern: Sabine from Perl Grey
Fiber: She is made from LUSCIOUS Fleece Artist Kid Silk (one skein) in some sort of tasty raspberry/caramel colorway
Needles: 5mm / US8
A quick knit (when I worked on it), I would only change one key thing: the pattern has you cast on and start knitting on one side of the back, then after you finish the first sleeve (working sideways), you go back and pick out the cast on edge, and start knitting that-a-way. I would DEFINITELY do some sort of provisional cast on next time, as frankly, asking me to pick out a cast on edge in a fuzzy-ish yarn is (no offense, designer of an otherwise lovely garment) pretty dumb.

Sabine shrug  - back
(Doing the Safety Dance, and also showing off the back)

Sabine shrug - wingspan
(The wingspan, and also the cool thumb hole detailing)

This kit was purchased from the oh-so-famous Lettuce Knit in Toronto. I started it in my hotel that night (beginning of September) and finished it in my hotel in Seattle last week.

I dig it, overall. It could be the *slightest* bit roomier in the arms, but that's more the fault of alla my beer drinkin than the pattern. It is a nice level of warmth for Austin, worn over no sleeves in November. AND when I wear it, all sorts of folks want to "pet" me. Can't beat that!

Also, if you can't get to Toronto, this pattern would be GREAT for a lone skein of Brooks Farm duet or harmony... Too bad it is only offered in a kit. I'm just sayin'.

Friday, November 09, 2007

What the French, toast?

(That's from the Orbit gum commercial... you know the one about clean mouths? My other favorite line is "Pickle YOU, kumquat!" I think kumquat sounds fantastically foul in that sentence.)

The Seattle trip has been great and also sucky.

Here are some of the great parts:

Sabine shrug
I finished one arm of the shrug, but I was distracted by...

The ladies of Hilltop
Bevin and Wendee of the fabulous Hilltop Yarns...

Hilltop Yarns, Bellevue, WA
Serious S.E.X. in this fantastic shop... which led to some startitis, including....

multi-directional in progress
A multi-directional that will be gifted (already two more sections done, this thing goes fast!)

J's Irish hiking scarf
An Irish hiking scarf (also a gift) out of the mouth-wateringly squooshy Claudia's jumbo hand-painted chunky weight.

But the BEST PART? The real highlight of the trip?

Jenna avec Indian Food
Dinner and drinks with Jenna!

I glimpsed the beginnings of the swirled pentagon pullover over coffee, then we had the best Indian food ever. (Well, at least the best service ever and possibly the best chai ever... do you see those naans are bigger than our heads??) And lastly, we headed over to a great little neighborhood bar, the Hazelwood, for some wine and beers. We caught up a bit, I confessed that I secretely want to move to Seattle and all in all had a great evening. I am so glad I got to catch up with her, and hope I make it back sometime soon to do it again!

The sucky parts have all been in my heart and mind. Monkey mind is so demanding and childish... willing to say and do anything to get what it wants, which is comfort and love. I was down, then up, then down again...

Somebody once said "If you want something you never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done."

And someone else said that "Love isn't the thing that rocks your world, but is the thing that's there for you after your world has been rocked."

I have been meditating on these two things all week 'cause I want to do the right thing. Think good thoughts for me, willya?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Barn's burnt down.
Now I can see the moon



sock avec cafe
plain sock for plane knitting

this week's project
i will try to finish my shrug this week

still life with room key
essentials for the walk to the office in the morning


... Didn't you know? I would have been ok with an occassional shooting star.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Not even remotely about knitting

Notes from the flight:

First-class to Seattle, snow caps appear out the window an hour into the flight. I wonder if you're still twisting and stretching the sleep off - already so far away. It's not the same without you squeezing my hand at take off. I make up a story about the business man next to me and pick at the freeze-dried omelet.

But even the damn IPod can't stop thinking about you.


The Donnas Pink Floyd Meat Puppets OMD The Gossip Electric Six The Minutemen 2Pac The Cure Ween Joy Division Smoka Bowla Dead Kennedys LCD Sound System The Strokes


Nice hair, guy. You probably own boat shoes, don't you?


The woman across the aisle has a lot of Avon gold jewelry and a large collection of porcelain dolls at home that she keeps well-dusted. Her daughter just got a new job so she's flying up to help with the baby.


The suit behind me is trying to work up the nerve to make a pass at his admin assistant because he thinks his wife has "gone frigid." Really she just liked him better when they were younger.


The brunette in heels keeps looking in her compact. I bet she's hoping he's as great in person as he is online.