Tuesday, October 23, 2007

stupid tag.


Once tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list 8 random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to 8 other people, visit their sites, and leave a comment letting them know they’ve been tagged.

  1. I have seen the Reverend Horton Heat play in Portland, OR; Phoenix, AZ; New Orleans, LA; Santa Fe, NM; and Austin, TX. I never saw him when I lived near DC.

  2. I have textural issues with certain foods. I am a very adventurous eater in general, but if a food has too many dissimilar textures mixed in (like gumbo, or some hashes) then I really won't enjoy eating it. This isn't usually in issue on sandwiches or in salads.

  3. I am almost done getting my teeth straightened with Invisaligns.

  4. I have two cowboy hats and two pairs of cowboy boots, but I've only two-stepped once.

  5. There is an assortment of items hanging from my car's rearview: Two car freshners (an AC/DC back n black one and a St. Otto patron saint of parking one --neither really smells anymore); my medal from the last Danskin triathon; and a terry wristcuff (like for tennis or bass playing) from Watashi Baka Da that says "Stop seeing at my bobs!"

  6. I love mushrooms.

  7. A friend gave me a juicer 6 months ago, I haven't used it yet. Same goes for a sewing machine someone else gave me a year aog.

  8. Some days I wish I had more time to knit. Other days I wish I had more time to read.
And I am sorry to do it to my Ravelry buds, but I am going to tag: Laurel, Rachel, Betsy, Holly, Amy, K8, Fiber Fever Kate, and Cynthia. Whatever you do, be stronger than me and break the damn chain!

Monday, October 22, 2007

That's what rock n roll can do...

WARNING: No knitting has occurred since the last post. But, in crafting news, the oh-so-generous Betsy, gifted me with some beading supplies.

beads and beads

They came in these two boxes:

boxes of beads
Click here for the staggering stats!

My week has been so crazy, I haven't even opened them all the way yet, but I can guarantee that my beading supplies probably qualify as SABLE (Stash Acquisitions Beyond Life Expectancy). Thank you, Betsy! You have made my crafting season!!! (And to everyone in my family: count on something beaded in your stockings.)

In other news...

let me answer your question
The sign I wore to work.

So I fell of Mark's motorcycle and broke my "elbow" in two places (the nurse seemed very perturbed when I said "the elbow isn't a bone, could you be more specific?") There's a *tiny* hairline fracture in my humerus (no, it isn't at all) and a regular fracture in my ulna (the outer forearm bone). They didn't even cast me, just a splint that the doc said I would need to start taking off within 3 days to encourage my joint to regain its flexibility. I am not sure if that arm will ever hyperextend again, but that's probably something I can live with.

The splint, and a brave face for the nurses
Getting the hook up at the doctor's, the meds are treating me right.

all slinged up w/ the pain meds wearing off
Later, when the meds wore off.

Last Wednesday, I went with some friends to the Melvins.

Mel, Jesse, Merilee

Sparks tongue!

It rocked, but that wasn't even close to the highlight of the week, 'cause on Thursday, I got to see my bf on stage. He is the newest bassist for the Moistboyz.

Allow me to brag:

M and S
Mark's on the left...

a smile
Mark in the background, with the lead singer Dickie.

Moistboyz - Travis County
Trippy lights

in the pocket
Mark and Stephen on guitar

Moistboyz - Travis County
Band shot -- Tomato and B-Ill from the Sound of Urchin filled in on drums and lead guitar, respectively.

Some of the friends that came out for the show.

Moistboyz crowd
The crowd was sizeable and high energy.

I am so happy for my guy. He looked like a natural and sounded like a pro. He's been busting his ass to make this happen, and if all goes well they will be opening for Helmet in Houston on Halloween. I can't wait!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Doesn't look...


...broken to me. But I guess that's why I am not an x-ray for a living.

While I wait for an orthopedic something-or-other to see me and hopefully put this thing in a brace or cast, here are some non-knitting pics. Since knitting is, well, tricky with only one hand.

Contemplative boy
PJ attempts to use his mind control to break the window that keeps him from all the sweet, juicy birds.

Mark's new Icon
BBE's killa new helmet. (Yes, I will be getting back on the bike, it wasn't the bike's fault I fell off.)

Cranky boy
PJ says "I don't care if you're injured. That camera needs to be put AWAY."

My new monkey key caps. They make me smile. You can get some of your own here.

With my powerful night vision I can see Simon and PJ being "innocent my ass."

Monday, October 15, 2007

Works in progress

How did I wind up with so many WIPs? Currently on the needles:

Secret Garden vest
Tropical T
Sabine Shrug
Brooks Primero Clapotis
BBE's latest socks
Lion Brand bolero
Diagonal Crochet blanket (it's just single crochet on the diagonal, no actual pattern).

Those last two should really be called UFOs at this point, but I am the eternal optimist.

I have gotten a fair bit of the vest done:
secret garden in progress
(Detail here.)

I am closeto being done, but sometimes the pattern and shaping are just too much. I am also at a complete loss re/ buttons... So my feet dragging may be subconsciously on purpose.

Which is why I have the shrug and t around.

Sabine in progress
(Sabine back)

420-friendly knitting
(Tropical T, back)

Big pink rectangles. These can be best described as 420-friendly knitting (or, "TV-friendly" if you're into that sort of thing). The going on these is slow and monotonous. But sometimes that's just fine.

I am hoping to have the knitting on the shrug done this week. Maybe get the vest in the final throes as well. Sadly, all I need to do to the bolero is sew the side seams and add the ribbed edging and I just can't bring myself to do it.

There are several fall-like sweaters I would like to start, but not until this list is shorter! Anyone else drowning in warm weather WIPs? What are you gonna do about it--store them til Spring or knock out some FOs?

In other news...
This weekend, BBE and I went shopping. He is a very conscientious and careful motorcycle rider (that's for you, Mom) and wouldn't even dream of riding me around the block without sufficient safety gear.

I already have a pair of Docs, so that left helmet, jacket, and gloves...

First, we did a helmet fitting:

half helmet
I will have to get a lil half-helmet whenever I get my scooter. But for motorcycling, its just not enough protection.

helmet fitting
Here's the full face version... It was extremely comfortable, but am looking so unamused because BBE just informed me that it was around $650.

After helmets, came jacket and gloves...

Nicky's colors
Nicky (the pretty boy grand prix champeen!) rides for Repsol Honda, but between the leather (way too hot) and the pricetag (you don't even want to know), I had to put this one back. Sorry, Nicky, maybe in the winter after I win the lottery.

I finally picked out all my gear...

Suited up
I went with an HJC helmet and Joe Rocket mesh jacket and gloves.

The ride was great (a little more than around the block, but not too far yet). I managed to bang up my elbow taking part in a very ungraceful dismount, so here's hoping it won't affect the knitting this week!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday rocks (warning! photo heavy)

The biggest news around chez small hands, is the boy's newest acquisition. He has owned it for a only a few hours...

The best part can be seen in the fine print.

Yes, a former cop motorcycle. Complete with scary "you're screwed" horn that goes "WOOOp, WOOOp". And since that plastic cover pops off of the passenger seat, stay tuned for pics of my new bad ass bitch helmet and jacket (soon)!

In other news, I am doing some knitting, but it's not all that exciting, so I thought I would share some more vacation pics.

We flew into San Jose, CA airport and headed straight to Monterrey and the Laguna Seca raceway. By a total stroke of luck, we got to take a "hot lap" around the track with a driving school instructor in a Mazda RX8. But after the lap, we played around in the smaller racecars.

And yet, no cup holder

Later, on our way up the coast, we stopped by Castroville, CA. The Artichoke Capital of the World (who knew?)...

Castroville is the artichoke capital of the WORLD

In San Fran, we stopped at the Botanical Garden for a few moments before driving through Golden Gate park. There was a big head:

crazy west coast artists

And the world famous Golden Gate Bridge:

Golden Gate Bridge

In Mill Valley, I got to see one of my best friends from long ago and her newest family member:

SR and Maeve

Then, finally... the coast!

First glimpse of the Pac 101 beaches!!

We headed north through California along the famously gorgeous Pacific Coast highway 101. Along the way we drove thru the tree (just like in the Goofy cartoons!)

Chandelier tree

Stopped at more lil beaches:

Cali coastline

Chatted up Paul and Babe:

Paul Bunyan and the Trees of Mystery!

(While there, some lil kid asked Paul [he talks to the crowd] if Babe was a boy or a girl... Paul said "What do you think?"... So BBE got this one of me clarifying)

We saw some Trees of Mystery, stretching impossibly high:

travelling at the speed of tree

And finally, joyfully, made it to Oregon!


Where the beaches were more gorgeous, since, being an Oregonian by birth, they are somehow more MINE.

Sunset over two rocks

Oregon Coast sunrise

Whew. That's probably enough pics for now. Maybe I will post the Oregon half of the trip next Friday. Until then, it's the weekend: shake it like a polaroid and have a shot of Jager for me.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jems Diamonique - FINISHED!

Here she is all weaved in and ready to go...

(The "Carrioke" shot, complete with smudgy bathroom mirror but without the smiley-smile.)

(I want to patent the "late-night dance-move" shot. Sorry Betsy, I am not much of a Sporty Spice, but I DO like some late night rrrrumpshakin')

(Love that plunge!)

Pattern Jems Collection - Diamonique by Saunshine

Fiber Knit Picks Shine Sport in Hydrangea (5-6 balls for the XL)

Needles US5 for the body, US3 for the neckband

Time it took For-freakin-EVER. I think I started it last spring?

The main mod was that I did not do the increases at the top of the armsyces as written. I have a wide shoulder phobia, and I am glad I left them out. The shoulders on the finished piece are the absolute widest I could wear. Since I left off the increases, I had to do some fiddling around with the neckline and I think I added a few decreases there. I also made the center stitch of the neckline a purl instead of a knit, as it kept the k1p1 ribbing look more consistently.

What I love
The shine sport seems made for this design. It has just enough shininess from the modal but isn't so sparkly that I can't wear it to work. This yarn is my new favorite cotton blend. I did not get hand cramps from knitting it, yet it seems to have all the wearability of the cotton that I have dreaded knitting with in the past.

I love the diamond lace as well; it was an easy pattern to memorize and I only messed up in one spot without catching it (and I am not telling where). The designer also wrote in a lovely garter edge on the arm bands, so no ribbing was required (love that!)

What I would do differently next time
Always the sweaters are too short for my non waist! (Not to mention the mountaineering the sweater has to do to even GET to my waist.)

(Just 2 more inches woulda done a world of good!)

Maybe one of these days I will remember that, and learn to love short rows, I was just REALLY not interested in trying to figure out how to insert them into the lace gracefully... And while I love that I didn't need to knit arm ribbing, the pattern calls for only 2 garter stitches, and they are quite firmly curled under... If I knit this again, I might decrease one more to accommodate a three stitch garter edge.

Overall, I am pretty pleased with this FO. And since this is Texas, I still have several weeks of wear this year!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

All over but the shoutin'

Here is my Jems Diamonique almost ALMOST finished.

Jems Diamonique

I still need to weave in the ends and take some goofy action shots, but in the meantime... Woo! This thing has been lingering and lingering.

See her lovely side shaping?

Diamonique - waist shaping

And her plunging V? (She's a bit of a tart, but no tramp.)

Diamonique - neckline
Click here to see it more embiggened.

I made a few mods, but I think I will hold those for the final post. She is a wee bit short (as are all knits without darts, on accounta my buzooms). But otherwise seems to fit well. I used Shine Sport in Hydrangea (which is a color somewhere between all three above).

All in all this was a mostly painless knit. There is a lesson in it for me: if I ever write a lace pattern with decreases on the left AND right, I will try my damnedest to chart them out. But more on that later, for now, the champagne is chilling and I am getting my weaving-in muscles warmed up.