Thursday, September 29, 2005

...because I can't speak for myself so well right now

a short letter to an old love by Maya Stein

forgive me my viciousness
my name-calling, my absent-minded
mishaps, my cruelties and calamities,
and all the ways we fumbled while i fled.

forgive me my anger, my flight,
my bad timing, my ill-conceived attempts
at disappearing, my slipping into any available
porthole to get a little bit of air.

forgive me my haste, my impatience,
my mess, my chaotic heart.
forgive me my clumsiness while
you fell, unattended,
into the busy, dirty street.

i didn't know how to say it
at the time, and even now
any word between us is a monster
crawling out of a still febrile cave,
a great roiling of bat wings.

it's just that our hands
couldn't fit together.
that's all.

Monday, September 19, 2005

for now

...small hands is on an unexpected hiatus.

I hope to be back soon.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

On the road...

The project in Columbus has been incredibly hectic. We are opening a new grocery store tomorrow... The last minute push is very intense, but there is nothing prettier in my work than a grocery store the moments before the first customer arrives. Everything is so fresh and clean. All the food and displays look perfect, the employees are all smiling and excited (the regional help is all haggard and surly but fortunately they are behind the scenes), and nothing is out of stock or place yet. Right now there is a brief lull, so I thought I would throw up a couple of pics I got ready before I left home.

The finished Trekking XXL socks and my new pedicure.
There is something about seeing my toes all done up that drives me crazy. I don't paint my toenails so they look good for anyone else, but because it makes ME feel good.

The mocha-latte socks should be done by the time I get home...

My FBS, born again in Schaefer's Laurel (color: Billie Holliday)

Allow me to present a glacier... This is on the Kenai Peninsula.

And last but not least, one of my favorite beaver pond pictures:

Beaver pond on the Kesugi Ridge, Denali State Park.

Friday, September 02, 2005


I have been feeling under the weather, so expect few and far between posts.

The FBS is sadly deceased. Brooks Primero is gorgeous stuff, but between the variegation and the halo, the baskets were invisible. I have unsuccessfully tried two other patterns and been dissatisfied. Anyone out there have a great recipe for a skein of Primero? I love the sage-to-mossy greens so much and the slippery soft weight of this stuff SO much. It must want to be *SOME*thing good.

Also, I will be in Columbus, OH next week, for work stuff. Any LYS recommendations? I will be staying very close to Temptations in Dublin, and not too far from The Yarn Shop and Knitter's Mercantile. If I could only visit one, which one?

Last but not least, please go see Margene and Susan over at give a little and donate to the Red Cross's efforts to help survivors of Katrina.